Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2019-11-13 19:37:42 (UTC)

What Now?

Hey there, it's been awhile. I haven't have had much to write down, not because I said I'm not a girl and I have ran out of stories to make up, but rather I've been rather happy and I have nothing to vent. I just don't fell like I have problems. I want to keep people updated, I certainly enjoy writing in here, it's the one place I'm the most honest. I've been thinking about deleting my last entry and still pushing forward how I'm a girl but I think that might be more effort than it's worth. I'm not happy with people knowing I'm a guy now but still, I think it should have been stated. I was flirting with a bunch of straight guys, it makes me feel so good that I could make a man feel like he's so special. I always wanted to be a girl, at this point it's the one and only thing that I'm depressed about. But I still accept myself, I know I'm a man so in real life I act the part. I lift plenty of weights everyday because I'm training to be in the coast guard, I also run for 10 minutes and I'm visiting my aunt's house to swim over the weekends. Her pool is very cold though with it being November.

I'm happy I have a goal, I'm happy my life has meaning again, I'm happy that I got to a school that works with me, I'm happy that I have friends that I can trust. I just want to be in a different body.

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