London Life
2019-11-13 22:44:29 (UTC)

The Folk Society

Jack brought the bike up to the flat last night and thought he’d sorted the tyres. But this morning, one of them was flat. Didn’t have time to get the bus all the way to work, but got the tube with Jack as far as Tottenham Court Road, and went to ask in the coffee shop about the left bag containing my running shoes. They couldn’t find it, but took my phone number and by 11, they’d phoned me to say they’d found it. I didn’t feel too bad despite a chronic night’s sleep, exacerbated by spending too long looking at too many sexy pictures on my phone, and feeling sexually excited (with my hand up my nightie). I need to get back to regular sleep patterns.

With these delays, I didn’t get in to work until 10, after getting a bus from the coffee shop. Elina was already in, because of a meeting, but there wasn’t a spare seat next to her and I had to sit next to the bloke who’s always having phone meetings, and suddenly raises his voice at random intervals. The new laptop was lovely, it even rescued my Top 100 template which the old laptop said was unreadable. Just need to get used to the navigation, but the Search is an inexorable improvement.

Elina put back our lunch date from 12:30, to 12:45 and then 12:50 - she eventually appeared from the Ladies at 13:05, saying I hadn’t IM’d her. I’d brought down the Guardian to read, anticipating a delay, and talked briefly to Jenny about bad backs. I’d eaten the curry we took back from Monday’s restaurant, having done some rice last night. Elina got some food from a highly-rated Italian place I think I’ve been in with Nadine. We went to the basement and Hibaq came past; she mainly talked to Elina, about their colleagues and the people who have invaded their part of the 5th floor.

Didn't go to the bike shop as I hadn't checked the tyre size, but met Jack and despite leaving at 5, I still only just made it in time for volunteering , after stopping off to pick up my running shoes I'd left in Cafe Nero, then the bus getting stuck in traffic in St Pancras. Bought an espresso at the little cafe but the waitress took it away while I was doing a complicated clothes-change, everything being stuffed untidily in my bag.

Made an effort to speak to a girl who I've found out is a model. I can always find things to say if I really want to talk to someone. She's going to Brazil where her parents live, for about 40 days soon. On the way to the Folk Society I chatted to Katie while raking leaves, without being sure enough if she was the right Katie, to ask her about the Great South Run, where our paths never crossed (but we did talk about it tonight in the pub). Also helped Rebecca and Hanri in an alley, where we managed to sweep away every leaf! Then helped in the flower beds, but they were wet and my finger tips got cold.

Tom said I was brave to wear my little running skirt in the cold , but on my top half I had three layers plus a hi-vis, and some
people were wearing shorts anyway (Lizzie's were very small). It was strange going to the pub without our drink-leader Abi. Spoke to Alex about the Monthly Drinks, and how hard it can be to book places. They usually want a £2000 guarantee at Topolski. Also tonight there was a first-time bloke from Leeds who only moved to London yesterday! Sweet Lizzie was also there in a long coat which she said was too short (but she meant the sleeves), Rosie (who did the run by bike) who's sadly got hip cartilage problems at the age of 36, Steve L, Meredith, George and the other Katie.
Walked home, rather than ran, as I had bags full of work clothes and shoes, as well as my work laptop.