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2019-11-13 07:58:47 (UTC)

Full steam ahead

Well, looks like I got almost all my baskets in life somewhat filled. I'm back at the gym and I'm still getting hugs of welcome back from members as they all don't come 5 times a week like I do. Got to see almost all the engineers at work as some get to telework once a week. I even saw my lunch wife yesterday but she was having lunch with a dude. Boo!! haha. Nah, it's all good. So all except my romance basket is going good now but I'm more than fine with that.

I went to work yesterday and had some time to go around with the other depts to say hi and catch up on things. Getting my feet wet with projects and new applications again. Great to be back at work.

Not too much time to chat with my gym peeps but I did get to chat with some. Got to talk to this lady I nickname smiley and a few others. Just so nice to be back. We did run one lap around the building at the end of our workout and......I wasn't first to be back. I think I was even 4th place. Ugh....I'm not in shape for sure but there were about 30 of us so 4th isn't bad I guess.

Barely had enough time but it was movie night and my friend Susan always goes with me. This is our thing I guess. Got home, showered and made it out to the movies. We were a little early so we got to chat a bit before the movie. Susan is doing good. She is trying. She will change the way she dresses or so she says anyway. She did hit the gym this week and she is hanging out with my meetup group more so I'm happy for her.

Got home and my Superstar friend texted me. We chatted for a little bit and told her I was back at the gym but I'm not laughing as much because she wasn't there. She replied with "You are funny because you are Mondo". I had to smile because she was cute referring to me like a third party person. I just told her I missed her and hoped she was doing fine. I'm sure she is. She's on a Christian crusade of some sorts in Mexico.

Next week, I get to babysit for my friend Jenny while she's away at work. Not sure if she's going to another country or just another state but I get to watch her two kiddos for two day. Just need to make sure they wake up by 6AM is all. I hope I can wake up at 6AM myself. haha. She is so busy and asked me if I thought it'd be ok to just dump her dude via a phone call. I told her it's not the first time she is having this conversation and it may make it easier time wise to dump him via a phone call. No need to have that high anxiety of going over to his place. No awkward feeling of leaving and driving back home feeling awkward, sad, or whatever it is you'll feel. While I don't agree with dumping via phone, she is a single Mom of two kids working full time, I gave her the thumbs up to do so. Not like she is going to listen to me anyway but I was being supportive considering her position.

Feeling positive lately. Maybe the cologne I'm spraying on my wrists at night before bed that relaxes me? Dunno. Getting more and more confident everyday. I find myself smiling more without a reason to and hopefully it's not because I'm turning into a lunatic. There are ups and downs in life and so far without much going on, I feel like I'm on the up side for now. Feeling so positive and happy even without that special pain-in-the-ass special person. hahah. Just kidding. lol.

I guess I'm seeing events that's happened and I'm feeling much more confident. I faced a lot of things and came out pretty good. I see the positives in all that happened. My surgery? I am so dang lucky to have come out the way I did to the point where I feel it's a non issue now. But not so long ago, my life couldn't been so much worse had I taken the 1st doctor's advice. My past relations? I too see a lot of positives and feel much better about myself. I've changed. You know when you have when you are all alone, look at yourself in the mirror and sort of see your soul. You can't bullshit yourself at that point and see you as you. I look and see inside me. Not looking at my physical body but deep in my eyes and see my soul. Do I have value? Do I see myself as someone that is happy by myself without needing anything else to complete it? Those are things I look at when I stare at myself. I think I have it. I'm excited about life again. 10 years ago, I was near the bottom of wanting my life. Now, it's actually so much better. I look physically older of course but never have I liked myself, more comfortable with just being by myself, being pretty happy by myself, I think I'm in my happy place :) My life is pretty rich. Good job, money is fine, good friends, not an addict or overeating, pretty healthy, working out, and fun hobbies. I forget what I have sometimes. I feel so lucky. No girlfriend? Well, now that I'm writing down all the cool things I'm lucky enough to have, not having a girlfriend seems like a small thing. Glad I have my life. :) Life is good.

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