Do Not Disturb

2019-11-13 13:41:29 (UTC)


So, I don't think I told you this before but we were on the way home getting some chilli from Wendy's because it was freezing outside and still is and we went in my Grandmother car because my mother wanted to go to the casino with them because you know how much they love the casino.

We went inside of Wendy's to place our order and Grandma kept telling me to ask one of the managers if, I could transfer over to the Wendy's close by the house but...Why transfrer over their when we're about to move anyways ???

So, I didn't. Then, this is where things went wrong... sort of. My Grandma asked if, I had $10 and I said no Grandma I don't have $10 for gas and she kept saying how I snapped at her when I didn't and now she wants me to " apologize" to her because I hurt her " feelings" when I know I didn't snap at her because she asked for $10.00 and I told her I didn't have it. She always do this to me and always trying to make me feel bad when I know I didn't snap at her but she wanna make me feel like I did and apologize to her anyway and then she's gonna say she won't take me to work anymore if, I don't ask them. Like... What does that have to do with anything ?


I just really wanna get me a car and my license. I could've been got me a car but I was to busy helping everyone else out I never have money for myself that I worked hard for and my check ended up being gone. Sometimes in a day.

I mean I can drive so what's the wait for. I need someone's car so, I can drive it downtown take it for a test drive and then...BOOM!

I got my license it's that easy but first I have to take the stupid test but it'll be worth it once I start taking myself to work and school. I'll feel even more grown.

Okay, I'm going back to sleep still have 4 hours till I get up and go to work.

- A

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