Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2019-11-13 02:44:31 (UTC)


Since I am surrounded by stupidity, I should really focus on intelligent matters. I want to gain back brain cells I feel I've lost. I'll watch more educational things on YouTube, hopefully soon start reading more and maybe do Sudoku puzzles, as well. I want to get more creative, as well.

I want to establish a routine for my life, which, while I prefer not to deviate from, will also remember that stuff happens sometimes.

I will stop worrying about what I need and get what I need as I need it.

I will be responsible and start purifying myself in various ways, beginning with not drinking alcohol and secondly, not consuming fast food.

Hopefully, I can eventually start saving money.

Ignore what everyone says I should do, unless it makes sense and then, I will contemplate it a little.

Be untouchable, unphaseable, but not bitter and angry all the time.

I want to be compassionate and empathetic, but still not take shit from anyone. Even so, still resolving conflicts in the most peaceful way possible.

I want to focus on the beautiful and positive and put some hope in that, but not too much, so as not to have a great crash from a sort of high.

I want to be strong and graceful. Not graceful as in non-clumsy (though, that could be a nice, small addition to all this!), but rather, I mean, in how I handle conflicts.

I want to remain uninvolved in gossip and drama. I don't want to talk badly about others or judge anyone, but have the discernment and wisdom to know who I should and should not hang out with.

I want a sense of spirituality.

I want to be true to myself, always.

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