London Life
2019-11-12 12:04:25 (UTC)

The Love Shack

Couldn't get to sleep - we should really have sex before I read my book, not after. Then I woke up early and took ages to get back to sleep. I must have got up too late on Sunday.

Went out to lunch with Jack, as I hadn’t had time to make us any lunches. Got a wrap from Benuga and went and ate it in the cinema bar. We were wondering which vegan restaurant to try in the evening – maybe one in Shepherd’s Bush, but eventually decided to go to the Gallery café in Bethnal Green. However, after getting buses there, we found that on Monday the kitchen shuts at 14:00.

So we hurried up to Love Shack near Cambridge Heath station. And they had a restricted menu on a Monday! We had some lovely soup and two curries, which were a bit too strong, and runny, and Jack wanted rice with it. He tried to make me eat his, but I didn’t want it as it had too much aubergine, so we put it in a plastic container and took it home. The place had a lovely ambience though, and they’re going to be expanding the menu, and putting on comedy, music and talks.

The start of the election campaign has been categorised by Conservative mis-steps. Rees-Mogg said that Grenfell victims should have used common sense and left the building, despite the firemen’s instructions. Another cabinet member res
igned his post after he was found to have supported a man who wrecked a trial. The Tories were caught editing ITV footage to make it seem as if Kier couldn’t answer a question. Johnson said there would be no paperwork for exporters from Northern Ireland to Britain, which is not what his deal says. He has continually lied – he said that Parliament had blocked his deal, when in fact they’ve voted it to a second reading (and it was him and his right-wing cronies who blocked May’s deal).He said he didn’t want an election, though he’s tried for it three times).

Farage has announced his party won’t stand in Tory-held seats, which seems bad news for me, as I was hoping this might let Labour through. Seems he suddenly no longer thinks that Johnson’s deal isn’t really leaving the EU.