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2019-11-11 15:12:24 (UTC)

Reasoning disabled, hearing definitely not

And of course when I wake up and quietly as possible open the door to use the bathroom he comes following up behind me just to tell me something. He apparently has super hearing. Apparently I was making too much noise last night. I thought I heard him banging on the wall with my headset on. On xbox live with the guys last night doing some missions and getting cheated out of every fucking match in a game. Funny, I lowered my voice after the bang, but there were several bangs after and I came to the realization that "I can't lower my voice any fucking quieter. His room is right next to mine but it doesn't help things that he keeps his bed RIGHT next to the fucking wall. Sound reverberates, so of course you're going to hear every fucking thing I'm doing in my room. It's why he could hear me opening the fucking door so he could run behind me like a fucking puppy every single time I leave my room. How about moving your bed away from the wall? Like I did mine after hearing him bitching about me shuffling about in the bed when I sleep. The absurdity of this. So for the sake of not inconveniencing him I moved my bed away from the wall closer to the center of the room, effectively shortening the space in my own room. I had to sacrifice my personal space while he does not. He kept his bed right next to the fucking wall so no matter how quiet I am, he'll always hear 'basic living sounds', which isn't fair to me because I literally can't do ANYTHING. Especially after 10 PM (no loud noises rule). He said he could still hear me with headphones on, which I call bullshit. Just to keep things in perspective, I'm barely home enough as it is, because I'm always fucking working. I try to have fun once in a blue moon and I get shit for it. He doesn't work, is on disability for unknown reasons, sits in his room in his fucking underwear ALL DAY LONG watching movies on his laptop. Never goes anywhere. Never does anything, but can apparently hear every PIN I drop and give commentary on it. Go talk to your friends. Go talk to your family. Go do something. Stop being in my business listening to every word that comes out of my mouth. Stop focusing on what everyone else is doing. This shit is extremely annoying. And this isn't the first time I lived next to someone who didn't work for a living, whom in order to appease had to basically talk in my car in the freezing cold just to talk to someone on the phone after 10 pm. "What the fuck am I doing?" I stopped that shit. No offense to disabled people, but living with you guys as neighbors can be kind of annoying. Your world is tiny because you sit there all day long focusing on every sound someone else makes and being in everyone else's business all day long. Go find something to do. Find something to give you focus. I'm not sitting in the freezing cold just to talk to my own mother or friends. I will talk to whoever the hell I want, at whatever time I want. I work my ass off all week and shouldn't have to eat shit when I come home the once in a blue moon I decide to have a conversation with friends or family on the phone(I don't talk much at home to begin with, which makes it more frustrating when I do decide to use the phone, and also because I get home LATE from WORK and I work in the morning so any phone call I receive will either be too early or too fucking late anyway), so I don't care if you're offended. I'm sick of having to sacrifice for selfish and unreasonable people when the sacrifice is ONLY one-sided. I literally can't talk any quieter in my room because then the person on the headset can't even hear me. Are you fucking serious? Basically this translates to: You can't TALK IN YOUR OWN ROOM YOU PAID RENT FOR after 10 Pm. Go fuck yourself. Put your headphones on a higher volume then. Don't want to disturb your beauty sleep, since you gotta get up early to give a good hard day's work of watching tv in your pajamas all day long. Don't want to disturb that.
And I get it, they live there too, and entitled to live in peace, but my point is that these basic 'living noises' are impossible not to make, and they're bitching about trivial shit that can't be helped. And what makes it worse is that they don't work and just.....SIT THERE listening to every pin drop, so listening to sounds and reacting to them is all they do in their tiny world and it's not fair I can't get to live my life because you don't have one. Also, it's always some old, miserable, non-working grumpy person who complains about the slightest things, you ever notice that? Funny, never had complaints from other roommates or neighbors depending on where I was living, about 'basic living noises'. It's just the people that sit there all day staring at nothing who seem to have this problem. Go find something to do. Find some purpose in life. Get out of my mouth and go focus on something meaningful. Fuck.

Of course, this entire essay of a rant could easily be remedied by MOVING OUT, but that's the kicker. Guess how much rent is...? Heh, get ready to be jelly. 475 bucks a month. Lol, this allows me to allocate the rest of my income into debts. And as soon as my other debts are paid off, I am out of here so fucking fast. Living with people is annoying. Living with weird neighbors is annoying. Once debts are paid I make enough that I can EASILY buy my own place to live...perhaps someplace isolated from the rest of the community. Can't wait to have my own place. I can actually vacuum and clean up my fucking room when I get home late since I don't have to worry about someone bitching about noise. I can basically rework a more efficient time schedule since I don't have to factor in inconveniences and restrictions met by other people. I can finally cut loose and do my videos WHENEVER I WANT, and not be bound to waiting when other people leave(lol good luck with that) the house. I can basically get the other 50% of the things I want to do, DONE. I can freely get up and take a shit without everyone else's bowels adjusting to work at the same time as mine and having to use the fucking bowl every time I do. (what's more infuriating about that is...if I hold it and sit in my room for half an hour, NOBODY fucking moves. You can hear a pin drop, apparently. I know you heard me shifting off my bed, shifting about in my room. You usually go to the bathroom at this time anyway so what are you waiting for? Been holding it for an hour, here I go to the bathroom: **he suddenly leaves room to use bathroom after hearing me get off my chair** and says you going to the bathroom?" UUUUUGUGHGHGHHGHGHGH WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU DOING THE ENTIRE TIME?!?! EVERY FUCKING DAY!!!!! People are fucking stupid just for the sake of being STUPID)
No more people following me to the god damned toilet to ask dumb questions. I can't wait to move outta this fucking place. I HATE it here.