London Life
2019-11-11 16:25:41 (UTC)

The Ice Wharf, Aylesbury, Roccoco

Sun 10th November

Went with Jack to see my aunt in hospital. We wanted to go out for breakfast, and ended up at the Weatherspoon’s. Not a very nice meal (a sexy waitress, though, in a very short work-skirt) but a great place to sit by the canal. We walked to Marylebone via Regent’s Park, which looked lovely in the autumn, the leaves not having all fallen yet. There was a train in four minutes, and the platform was at the back, and even then, it was the “front train”, and in the rush I left the PlusBus tickets in the machine, I can never get it right with those.

At Aylesbury, we just made the bus, from the horrible bus station, though we could see an enticing bit of nice town centre beyond. Jack was trying to follow his phone map to the bus station, but I showed him a big sign pointing a different way saying “Bus Station”. The hospital was hard to navigate. There was a notice saying “all visitors must report to reception”, but the reception had the shutters down. We explored, found another bit of the hospital, and eventually tracked down Ward 10.

My aunt, who’s 93, was very chatty. She is like a more relaxed and funny version of my mum, who was the oldest and bossy one. She still goes out shopping and to church, and up and down her stairs. She wished she’d have asked my granny more about her life. My sister, who always wants to take control, is talking about getting her moved, but there is no reason, just because she’s old. My brother turned up and we went for a meal at Roccoco before walking back through the old town.

At home, I had time to look through some cuttings for my articles. Couldn’t find anything about the rugby, but there was some information about a proposed strike. Unfortunately I don’t know how it was resolved. I also found my back support. My bother says he doesn’t know how long its been seen since he's seen Jack.