London Life
2019-11-11 16:18:00 (UTC)

Briar Rose, The Warehouse Cafe

Sat 9th November
I thought today’s trip might be a bit more interesting with Chris and Paul coming, but during the day, when I was getting updates from the cross country, I was very torn about where I'd rather be. Without a doubt the cross country people are better company – though the event itself is occasionally horrible, whereas I nearly always enjoy the actual football. I had a £56 off-peak ticket, rather than the original £12 one which I lost. Ironically, Petra couldn't make it because of family problems, I could have had her train ticket. The train was 33 minutes late so I might get a partial refund. On arrival, I went to get my favourite vegan breakfast at Cherry Red, which was ideal after being slightly hungover.

In the Briar Rose, Chris incredibly said that he likes Nigel Farage, and he is deliberately not buying continental food, whereas Paul said he voted Remain but wanted to leave now, just get out", claiming the EU have made it hard for us to leave! Always seemed Chris was a Tory, but why am I drinking with these people? I had one pint, then walked to the ground, and seeing Allison Road, I investigated the vegan café I’d been in before, which is now better placed on the ground floor. I decided to go there afterwards instead, which was good as I never would have had time before. Again, despite having an umbrella, I got wet legs walking to the ground.

Inside, I was looking for my seat when my brother said hello to me. I'd heard he was coming, but forgotten. He said it was “sit where you like” so I stayed with him, rather than wait for the others. Early on, the match was mundane and I was thinking, would I miss this (but of course I would). Perhaps it’s only the cross country (or a weekend away) which would make me want to miss the football. When the goal went in, I didn’t get the usual surge in my body, because I wasn’t sure if it would count, and I couldn't remember how it had happened.

Afterwards, I managed to lose my brother by using a different exit, and hurried back through the rain to the Warehouse Café. On the way home, Chris sat with me and I looked him up on Companies House (as well as Christine) - Petra's husband had got them involved in some shell companies and they were trying to get out. Christine – who was shown as resigned and replaced by Genine - had had phone calls from people complaining. Chris was still listed as the only director for another company with a shareholding of £1. We also discussed the future of his flat, after the redevelopment next door. Jack didn't get in until after I was asleep.