Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2019-11-10 12:46:15 (UTC)

Evil Psychos

Is there anyone else out there who just refuses to take medication? My husband just passed and I still don't want it. Not even the sleeping pills. I am alone in this world and have to stick to my guns more than ever! Thank God, he was in my life. He inspired such confidence and strength in me. He got me away from my horrible family who only wanted to put me in a mental institute, just because I was a bit childish at 21 years of age and had temper tantrums. That really was my only problem! I was immature! Big difference from being insane!

They left me out in the cold... literally. They left my husband and I at a bus stop outside when it was closed for another 6 hours and it was 0 degrees outside. We had nowhere to go. I remember them laughing about it, saying, "Its going to be a long night for them." Yeah. We could have died. Real funny. My grandma, who raised me, was the only one who helped us get a bus ticket in the morning. She was broke. My Aunt was rich. My Aunt and Mom were the ones who did that to my husband and I. My Mom thinks I'm still mad at her for leaving me as a child. First of all, she left me with my grandparents and they were wonderful parents. That was one of the best things she ever did for me. Losing contact with me a few years later was bad, but can still be forgiven. She may have been messed up, mentally and I can be understanding of that. I'll never understand what her and her sister did to my husband and I, though... What kind of mother and aunt leaves their child and niece at a bus stop outside in 0 degree weather???

They think I'M crazy. They are evil psychos!

I didn't expect to write about something so serious and I hope to never return to this topic again. Do you know, however, that there's even more stuff they did to us after that incident?!?! I'd ask why they hated my husband so much, but why did they hate me so much?!?!

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