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2019-11-09 07:21:12 (UTC)

The familiar pain from the gym

Oh boy. I feel that all too familiar muscle ache from the gym. I was back last Thursday and my hamstrings are screaming at me. I know when I foam roll them this morning I will be screaming like someone is torturing me. My core is in a little pain but oh man oh man. We have an event with my meetup group today and we will be checking out the little town in Nevada city but first, we will be on a hiking trail for 5.1 miles.

5 miles is about 8 kilometers in case any Canadian peeps are reading this. haha. I still reminisce my Canada trip. Felt so cool seeing a highway sign showing 90 as the speed limit and seeing my speed gauge in my car at 90 but to realize it's like only 55 miles per hr. Doh!! One day, I'll try the east coast of Canada but maybe not when it's so cold.

I got 3 hrs for my hamstrings to recover before our hike. I don't know if I can do it. 5 miles on sore hamstrings is not gonna be fun. I had my glutamine and bcaa added to my drinks but forgot to stretch last night. Shoulda-coulda-woulda. My weight is good this morning. Below my 160 lbs or...73 Kilograms. Haha. I'll get the hang of it eventually.

Last night was fun. Hung out with Heidi and the gang again. Went to a bar/restaurant in town. Rarely go there to party. A bit too far and parking sucks. Never been to this bar. It was called the Empress Tavern. I usually go with jeans, a polo shirt, and sneakers but I figured I dress up a bit this time. Tried on my new slim fit pants that's an inch smaller than my normal waist size. I'm not into the latest fashions but I think they call them Chinos? Thank goodness it fit and it was slim fitting on my legs too. No way I'd be able to walk around with these with even a semi hard on. haha. I just put on a plain black CK shirt, my new cool looking shoes that doesn't know if it's a casual or dress shoe, and a coat that looks like a sports coat. I sprayed on 4 little sprays of my new cologne Parfum de Marly Layton. It smells so freaking fantastic. It's so nice to finally smell it on my skin.

Called an Uber and when I got into the car, I apologized for smelling like a man whore. Got the the bar and it was a nice bar. Most customers were dressed up like wow!! I was so relieved that I didn't come in jeans and sneakers. There were about 10 of us I think. Most of the group I knew for years but didn't see for years too. It was nice to see them again and glad that they came as couples which tells they are still going strong :) I like it when relationships grow. I just had red wine to drink. We chatted for a couple of hrs before our next gig. It was a movie/documentary for skiers. I'm not one of them but just came to hang out. Got in ordered some wine and walked in. It wasn't like a regular theater. It was more like an opera theater. After the show, I told Heidi it wasn't bad for a free movie. She said "what?, we paid $25 to get in". Haha. Lucky me I guess I walked around the lobby, ordered a drink and just walked not sneak in so I dunno. The theater Gods must've been watching over me I guess?

Here a link to the bar tavern sacramento&client=safari&sxsrf=ACYBGNR951hUu5Clh8e3fB2UdH-jl9H8iA:1573313925308&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=_XwWE-4yeQV9WM%3A%2Cu_BgbjHHqeNCuM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kQVx1zBR1ocEeNd8pggvX6FSoDZAQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj4ho2Nu93lAhUJI6wKHY4vAmkQ9QEwA3oECAkQEw#imgrc=_XwWE-4yeQV9WM:

That was it. Heidi and her boyfriend drove me home. I must've had some soup last night because I woke up this morning to a dirty but empty soup bowl. I'm having my normal but very relaxing cup of coffee in bed. I'm in my pj pants and slept with my t shirt. I still smell some of the Layton cologne on me. It's a nice smell. Dudes, you guys should buy this cologne.

As they said to me in Canada..Cheers :)