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2019-11-08 20:42:16 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I understand two things: I am unattractive and I am bad at sex. But the one thing I will never understand is: creep. I was told by my girl today that she agreed with her husband about me being a creep. I was shocked because here I am, 33 male, kind, loving, caring, family oriented, honest. But for me...it bothered me. Cause I live at home with my family and have no male friends. I am not an independent person and family is very important to me. I have all female friends because I try to respect the female race. I don't have guy friends because the ones I grew up with were assholes. Middle school guys at 15/16, they wanted to drink and drive and try to sexually harass me. They wanted to go to jail and create negativity. That's not cool. High school guys wanted to smoke and drink and try to have sex with any girl that let them, sometimes two or three. In college, again alcohol and partying and sex. Ok...I was not popular in any class and was mostly a loner. But a creep because I live with my parents and don't wanna have male friends...sorry. Anyway...the other thing bothering me today. My x wanted to set boundaries with me. Let me be honest, I have not had any sexual or desires to get back together with my x for the years I have loved my girl. It maybe like 4 years, so maybe 6 years that I've been with my x in that kind of way. I am in love with my girl and would never play her like that. My girl and I have plenty of opportunities to hangout and be together. I don't want a third wheel. Sorry...night all...long day tomorrow.