London Life
2019-11-08 15:44:19 (UTC)

Waterloo bar

Fri 8th November
Ran in to work, the long route, despite my bad back, which did slow me down. Jack didn't want to meet for lunch after all. He some food anyway, something I made about two days ago. Sat next to Laila, as Elina wasn't arriving until lunchtime. Long-serving, reliable Kate was sitting with all the new posh people, unusually with a dress long enough to cover her knees.

I talked to a sweet girl in a hijab who is covering Laila’s substantive post. She lives in Bedford but is going to get married in Islington next year. When Elina arrived, Laila hadn’t left, and even when I moved into Laila’s seat, Elina didn’t sit with me. We held hands for a bit with the excuse that her hands were cold. She wouldn’t sit with me because of the posh people.

Left about 17:30 to go to the South Bank with Jack, prior to the monthly drink – the last P is organising and also a belated ten-year celebration. Eventually we just got a sandwich from M&S, but anyway we’d seen each other and had a chat.

The Topolski is a nice, basically-furnished bar under the Waterloo arches. As usual I spoke to numerous people, including the ginger girl with frizzy hair who seems happy to take over the monthly drinks. When I told P that I would help, just to make sure the drinks continue, he said “oh I think they’ll continue”, but only the two of us offered to help. She seems so keen and says she does this as part of her job, so I said I could help but can probably leave her to it.

Spoke to George for a long time at the bar, and as usual a couple of people said “hi Lisa” though I didn’t know who they were. I can remember very little of what I talked about all evening, but didn’t leave too late. i managed to talk to the lovely Rosie briefly, as typically she had some scissors available to mend P's broken picture frame.I didn’t go to the meeting yesterday as I was worried I would end up being roped into something, as I know people are reluctant to continue all the admin. I don’t think there’ll be a "Big 6" next year. The thing has fragmented so much - though those events always get the biggest attendances. People will have to organise their own things. I hope the areas will continue to publicise things rather than just discuss them within their local WhatsApp groups.