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2019-11-07 20:16:35 (UTC)

As its always been

Of course. He gives him a willing exchange in conversation and I get told to 'check my stuff'. Just as much. we're not equals in any way, shape or form. Stick to your own kind, as you naturally seem so inclined to do anyway; just as nature intended.
I'll stick to my own- oh wait, don't have any around so I'm by myself as always. Or should we just talk only about you and why you're so great? No, don't really care. Fear not, it just means formalities and pleasantries are useless and won't be needed.

Anyway, these other ones, when confronted with how much of a piece of shit the are, run back to that lame, defeatist, low-effort, self-deprecating, self-loathing mindset people run to when they fail to be anything better; "I may be shitty but so are you and everyone else". Such a predictably easy way out, as it requires no effort and can be easily perpetuated by society since so many people run on that same shtick. It's just a convoluted way of saying I was right and they can't or won't do shit about anything. Or it could be construed as not really saying anything at all, since it's blatant obviousness counts more as an act of redundancy and futility. Weak.

And then there's this...disgusting shape-shifting creature...wishes so bad to be like the popular girls (or at least tries to adopt all of the stereotypically 'popular mean girl' social attributes but without the body to actually pull it off which, therein lies the source of her eternal bitterness, among other things. Those looks of solemnness and dissonance whenever I come into your view(conveniently when no one else is around so they don't see your true form)because you know I know what you really are...all that self-righteous indignation, as if you're in any position to look down on me you miserable creature. I suppose they think people like us are easy targets for projecting their damaged psyche on, since no one's going to notice those lower on their little pecking order. If only they knew the things I think about when I come across those miserable eyes. I said once that it takes too much effort to hate, but I was wrong in that regard to females and would instead say the opposite. It requires too much mental energy 'not' to hate them. There's no reasoning with the unreasonable. It's impossible to disregard the blatant hypocrisy, disingenousness, entitlement and victim-hood like it never takes place. However one can simply ignore it, albeit to a much higher degree that one would be expected to. It would mean in order to live peacefully one would have to block out their existence entirely, as they continuously show from time to time that living in peace among them is impossible. Perhaps it truly is a genetic predisposition that they're helpless to do anything about. All the more reason to block them out of your psyche and focus on self. Focus on things that can leave room for creativity, productivity and general positivity. In other words; ignore them. I've never seen a species so quick to make themselves actively miserable on a minute to minute basis. Life's too short for any of that nonsense. And before you get on that lame, cop out line about how everyone is crappy anyway, take note that I was never blatantly rude towards you, despite how I think about you. You had no problems holding back how you felt, so perhaps it's time I did the same. And it's not a matter of if or why I care, it's a simple matter of respect not being received which leads to none being given. And to however extent you throw shit shall you face shit thrown back at you. However that doesn't really sound right. You don't have to get on all fours and start barking every time a dog barks at you. There are other ways you can convey a message and put people in their place. Either way, we ultimately choose how we deal with people, so we're not obligated to adhere to any specific method in dealing with annoyances anyway. However, with that being said...

The part of me that lets people feel comfortable wallowing in their own shit is starting to disappear, so fare this as a final warning.

And finally adding to the list of annoyances is the complete and utter incompetence of our postal service system. How do you lose 5 items in a single day? And this is the doing of UPS. I thought they were the competent ones but they proved me wrong. Items marked as delivered yet never reach my porch. Match an address on the building with the number shown on the package...why is that so difficult? USPS, Fed Ex, and now UPS: all inept. I'm never ordering anything online every again, as humans can't be trusted to do the simplest of jobs. Once in a blue moon worth of human error is forgivable but recently it's been constant. Constant failures. Constant human errors. It mainly comes down to laziness and poor work ethic. I won't go into specifics, but each story of a package arriving at the wrong address involved error on behalf of the delivery truck driver. The parcel service has existed for over a century. With so much technology in today's society, why is it still impossible to deliver a package to it's designated recipient? Ponderous.
Seems every incident that happens in life revolves around other people doing pointlessly dumb things. A constant reminder that you can only trust yourself in this world to do anything properly. You can learn from your mistakes but you can't do anything about the mistakes of others. You had one job. Idiots. Their failures also seem to be centered around certain delivery facilities- oh, I just whipped up a great idea.

Back to me, myself and I; as it always was, as it always will be.

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