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2019-11-07 21:19:43 (UTC)

First day back at work

First day back at work. Was really nice to see my fellow peers. Sad news though. We lost 3 engineers. One engineer is being borrowed by another group for 6 months, the other is still with the State but took a promotion with Dept Water resources and got a big raise in pay with his new position. Third engineer got what I heard was possibly cancer so he is out indefinitely.

I'm back but in now way can I even put a dent in the loss we just took. So I'm sure I'll be pushed to the brink of going coo-coo at work. Oh well, it pays the bills and I like being with my friends there. They are just brilliant people. All my life, I was always the cream of the crop in school or work. Joining this crowd? Dang!! I'm mediocre at best. Good bunch of engineers for sure.

Also, it was a first day back at the gym. Before my surgery, I could go in 1/2 hr before the hr class to jump rope and stretch and 1/2 hr after to jump rope. Well, not today. No jump roping before class and I only managed to jump rope for 10 min after class. I pushed as hard as I could though. We broke up in groups of 5. Bear crawls I sort of led. Sleds I was the fastest. jog, run, and sprint I blew away. The core workouts I struggled. But overall, I gave it my all. Just love being back again. Of course, I got all the hugs and welcome back greetings from my gym peeps. They make me happy and I'm just so glad Im back. Even our coach said he's really happy today to coach now that I'm back.

So my baskets in life? Yup, taking care of them. Gym basket and my work basket :) This Friday, my friend Heidi in our meetup group is hosting a happy hr then a movie for skiers. I'll go just to kill time. Then Saturday, she wants to do a 5 mile hiking trail up in Nevada City CA. I could use the exercise to get more in shape. And.... 1% is better than 0%.

Especially since I heard news about one of our engineers having cancer. Sad... Not going to do silly things like parachute jumping but I will not stand still in life. Today, I told some of my friends about my 3 month layoff. I forgot but my Amazon prime still had pics of Faye. Told them the story and showed them the pic. It probably was not the best thing for me to do because I didn't see her pic in about a month now and that was good for me. Showing the the pic and telling the story sort of opened up that wound again. Maybe I should've just kept life event to just myself. Sigh..

Anyway, body seemed to have held up considering the intense workout we had today. I need to watch what I do because I always give it my all when I'm at the gym. My determination (which I believe is due to my testosterone level) is and has always been so strong all my life. Winning burned into me even as a kid in grade school. I like it. I think that's a part of me I'm proud of and hope I never lose. Overall, it was a good day today :)

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