London Life
2019-11-07 21:20:39 (UTC)

King's Cross Garden / Young Vegans

Thurs 07/11/2019
Ridiculously got up at 01:50 when my watch alarm went off, thinking it was 07:50.

After a sluggish bus ride, I got in to work at 10, and though the IT side was full, I surprisingly found space with some posh people on the ladies’ side. Elina arrived about half past, but didn’t sit opposite me because of all the posh people, but we out together at lunchtime, to the place at the bottom of Strutton Ground where we haven’t been for ages. I picked up my repaired coat, and Elina and me went to the lounge. We were supposed to go out again at 4, but I was busy with applications and we left at 4:35.

We got served at Boots straight away, Elina wanted her prescription and I wanted to sort my ear out. They gave me some decongestion pills. Chatted to her for a bit before she had to go inside to the Ladies.

I decided to go by bus, to the King's Cross Garden, but misjudged how far a walk it was from the 24 stop. I got there by 6 though (which was my aim, actually) for a “5 till 7” task, but due to a power cut they were already just finishing. So I met Jack at home and we went to Young Vegans. I felt as if I was in paradise, with him hugging me so wonderfully while we chit-chatted in the nicely-lit old industrial building at the Lock.

We went for a coffee, then at home I was determined to look for my phone which went missing on Sunday, and found it very soon, upside down next to the corner of my bed! Saw Phil on my way in, so was able to re-arrange the company AGM (he said the original date wouldn’t have suited him as he was away – I already wanted to change it, for the other director.

I decided, as it was only 20:30, I had time to make a proper search for my phone. I looked in in strange place soint he front room and bathroom, then went to tidy up the bedroom and found it straight away, upside down on the floor by the corner of the bed. So I spent time updating my watch and replying to WhatsApp. Then I thought i could get to sleep without reading much of my book, but I
couldn't sleep.