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2019-11-06 20:38:15 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I admit, it was a mistake to try to make my girl love me and leave her husband. I should have known that eventually someone would lose and someone would win. Unfortunately, the villain won. I do not like my girl's husband, especially since he can physically and emotionally abusive to her. I don't like someone who abuses women and calls them names. I have always felt that women deserve love and respect. So, I am sorry to my girl if she reads this, but that's how I feel. In truth, I was the bad guy for ruining a marriage based upon my selfishness. Needless to say, i lost my girl last night. Her husband sent me threatening and insulting messages. So I told my girl that we can talk, but we can never see each other again. It will suck not kissing a girl or spending time with her at movies or lunches or Church or going for a walk. But eventually I will move on. Anyway...more to add to my sad life. Night all.