Ethereallie 13

Ethereallie 13
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2019-11-06 10:47:30 (UTC)

1 - Hello You

Hello you reading this. This is the start of my diary. I don't know what to write here about. I'm 16 years old and lost. Completely lost...i don't even know my favorite color. The world is a dark place for me, every step out of that door is a new war for me.

I am a boy going to high school. I don't want to share my name here. And even if i wanted i still hate it, i hate my surname also. TBH this diary has no direction, it's just random shit i think about on a daily basis. IDK if anyone will see this...are you seeing this? If you feel inspired to talk go and send me an email: [email protected]

The usual things i think about is how i look, how i feel, how ugly i am, how stupid i am, how all humans are trying to kill each other, how society is a system, how global warming will kill us... and that's just to name a few.

Ohhh i'm queer BTW...i'll surely talk about it more. IDK where to stop, i am writing this for almost an hour, its 12:00 soon.