London Life
2019-11-06 10:22:02 (UTC)

Leafleting and Lizzo

Wednesday 06/11/2019

My back started off worse than ever, possibly because we had a long cuddle before getting up. Jack suggested I wear a back support, but it was too discomforting to try and find it. However, for work I wore my M&S mini skirt with it's high tight elasticated waist, which gave great support to my back, also high-stack-heeled ankle boots which helped my back when standing up and walking.

By the evening I was okay to volunteer, met Jack for a coffee at the cafe where we had plenty of election news to discuss. There were quite a few already in the big room when I arrived, and I talked to a new girl, Bhakti. Leanne led us to the Community Association, not going the back street way because “it’s not very well lit”. Apart from the fact that it IS well lit, I don’t know what she dislikes about dim light. So we breathed in the fumes from the main road instead. Unluckily for her, we once again got there to find they weren’t expecting us. Again, it was me who took the initiative, going to the office. The manager told us to wait ten minutes, so we did some random routines outside, which are more fun when you haven’t got a proper trainer.

After ten minutes I went back to the office, and the manager had made some on–the-spot flyers, which gave us a name check. I paired with Tilly (the blonde, less confident Tilly) and we found plenty of available front doors nearby. Afterwards, we took some fun pictures at the bike racks, and Hanri had the idea of running to the inner circle, but again Leanne said “Is it well lit?”. Come on, it’s a road! Anyway we went to the square and did a time trail, (me 02:38 - shorter course than before) then did some planks and stuff at a bench until Ben and then others arrived from the homeless centre.

Alex, Abi, Ben and Leanne came to the pub, Leanne kept Ben busy, but Abi was on the phone and everyone was ignoring Bhakti who had bravely joined us in the pub (because I told her to come for an orange juice) so I chatted to her, about running mainly, but also about the singer Lizzo, who she was going to see tomorrow night. I don't know whether she was surprised I knew about her.