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2019-11-05 18:09:39 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
At 33 years old, I don't understand two things: death and love. I know those are kinda two very important things, but right now...I don't comprehend either. Maybe I am stupid for not understanding either. But when we are born, we are taught that eventually our time runs out. As we grow up, we watch good people pass away and we never understand why. We are told life goes on even after death. I know it's coming, but I don't know when. I have said that I miss my old life several times in my diary. Let me explain. My family and I have gone on my adventures in our lives and I miss that. I miss going to the mall with my family, I miss random road trips to Boston, New York, New Hampshire, etc. I miss flying to Florida or driving. My father and I went to see the Yankees 4 times in my life. I've seen the Patriots, Knicks, Celtics, with my parents. I miss going to Church with my family. See...I am all about family. But in the past few years, the adventures have stopped. I guess it feels weird not doing things with my parents in the community anymore. I guess I am weird. Secondly, love. I watched my parents love each other for 33 years and it has taught me how to respect people. I hope someday to marry my girl, but idk if that'll happen. Right now...life is complicated. Night all.