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2019-11-05 07:37:37 (UTC)

Got a lot done yesterday

I got a lot done yesterday. Didn't call my health insurance though. I felt like...ugh.... screw that. Not wanting to deal with that today. Returning to work soon. Either Wed or Thurs. Confused on the return date but no matter. I can use a sick day if I'm wrong and return on Thursday. I have to take my car in for a 100K service. The service light popped up last week so I had 3 months to do this but the car tells me last min for service. haha. But the place I take it to is close to my work. Planned that for years so I can just drop off and uber or my friend picks me up along the way to work.

I did my silly little dressing up. Tried on my new black sorta looking with my chinos, black shirt, and long sleeve pretending to be somebody I'm not. haha. Later that night, I asked my friend Susan to help me pick out some cologne. Figured I could use a woman's touch. Took off my long sleeve and grabbed a sport jacket over my black T shirt. She laughed at me. Asked her "Why you laughing at me? Just trying to self improve myself. For years, I just wore cargo shorts and a crappy polo. Be nice. Besides, they'll treat me better when dressed up." She said she didn't know why she laughed. Told her we need to get our asses out of the ghetto and try to improve on the inside and outside.

So we go to Macy's and Nordstrom at the mall. Been years since I've been to this mall. It's called Arden mall. In fact, I estimate it's been about 3 years. Amazon must have my number for sure. Anyway, we tested some colognes and I asked Susan for her opinion. We tested a lot on the sample tester sheets. She pointed out some that she thought was nice. I smelled it and I told her one smelled like a bathroom being cleaned. So pass on that. She smelled it a second time and she said "Oh yeah, it does". We did a few more and all her choices sort of sucked. I smelled them and I described how it smelled and where we smelled these scents before. So yeah.. she isn't the best person to take shopping for perfume or cologne.

Later she confessed she don't buy perfumes and she has no experience with any decent colognes or perfumes. She mentioned some that was popular way back in the old days. White shoulder, Obsession, etc, etc. Back in the 90s I think? So yeah.. wrong person to bring. But she did have one good suggestion. I think it's because she saw Jonny Dep as the spokesperson picture for this one Dior cologne. It was nice. I bought it along with a Tom Ford that I really liked. Together, just the two were a pretty penny. The most I've spent on colognes in awhile. But my reasoning? Effit it!! That's why.

Below are the two I got on my link. I also ordered one online that was even worse. They don't carry it in the stores but the one I ordered is Parfum de Marly. Specific perfume name is Layton. Holy crap!! I'm embarrassed to even mention the price on that one. Ugh... I also looked at a Calvin Klein T shirt on a hanger. Yes, one T shirt. Price tag on that puppy? $35 I think. For a T shirt. Not your run of the mill 3 pack in a plastic package. One T shirt on a hanger!!! It was a higher quality T shirt though. Not 100% cotton. Smooth as heck when I touched it. Didn't buy it. Not even sure how you care for it. Do you dry clean this expensive a T shirt?

Mmmmm. Some time has gone by. Coffee warm is working like a charm. Near the end of my cup and time has gone by and it's still nice and hot. I see the red glow through the glass of a candle I lit last night right next to my 2 dozen roses that is blooming just fine. Had to fill up the vase last night as it sucked up the water in it so quickly. My room is nice and warm. My indoor room heater did a fine job last night. This morning is a good as it can be right now :)

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