London Life
2019-11-05 11:59:07 (UTC)

'The Aeronauts'

Saw 'The Aeronauts' at the Vue Islington. It had a brilliant sweep of London streets at the start, but got quite boring - not least because the climatic balloon flight was featured throughout the story, while the earlier events appeared as flashbacks. As to the truth of the story, one of the two male balloonists in the historIcal flight was replaced by a girl - presumably for glamour reasons. And as I suspected, the assistant she portrayed didn't climb on top of the balloon, the basket wasn't jettisoned and they didn't finish by using the balloon as a parachute.

I'd woken up with a stiff back, which I’ve had since yesterday morning. I put on my running stuff and optimistically waited for a while, reading the Guardian, but didn’t feel any better and had to change into work clothes and get the bus in. I’m supposed to be in proper training for my Calder Valley half, but my cold has already messed everything up. Also, whenh it comes to recording the runs, my phone is missing (it must be in the house somewhere, as I didn't go out between using it on Sunday, and me losing it). And my running watch isn't working, after I synced with my phone, but then found it wouldn’t connect to the PC any more. So I clicked “re-set phone” on the PC, but now its running functions don’t work, and it wants me to re-set my age, weight etc and only tells the time for a short while after I put it in the charger.

I had a meeting with my manager and senior manager, a CQ review, where my data errors were brushed over. I was distracted by a nice blonde at a nearby meeting, not sure who she is. And the lovely West Country girl walked by, in a longish split tight dress.

I gave Jack my meal yesterday and forgot to bring one today, so I got Waitrose vegan macaroni cheese, but as it needed heating up, I walked up to the 5th floor rather than go in the lounge. Mark said a cheery hello to me. I was updating the File/Index in the afternoon and chatting to Elina on Lync. She wants me to be with her for their post-Christmas meal drink. No-one's said anything about ours yet! I'm surprised Jo or Corinne hasn't started sending round ideas. Nice to be back to easy days at work.

Before the film, we ate again at La Valle, but Jack wasn't happy; he said the vegan moussaka was cold. Anyway, we ought to go to vegan/vegetarian specialists, there are plenty about these days.