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2019-11-04 08:34:54 (UTC)

New addition to my room

So you know how I cleaned my room and kept it as minimal as possible? Well, yesterday my order came in. It's a coffee warmer that I put on my nightstand next to my keurig. Some mornings when I'm having my coffee in bed, I like to surf the net or lollygag. Next thing I know, some time has passed and my coffee gets too cold. I'd have to get up and nuke my coffee to keep it hot. Well, that requires effort and at times, putting on some clothes. Too much So this coffee warmer is perfect for me :) Now I wake up, see and smell the roses and have a constant hot cup of coffee in the morning. sweet.

Got a text from my date this morning thanking me for last night and letting me know she is ok and made it home. Ugh... ok. See you later..much later I hope. Woke up and now I really feel my abs hurting. That workout on Saturday was just the thing I needed.

I got more errands to do. I need to make my truck payment, call my medical ins as they are claiming something that is worrying me a little bit. Not sure if they are going to reverse a charge on some hospital procedure but screw that, I won't let them reverse any charges on me like they did in the past. It got approved. They can kiss my butt. I also hit 100K on my 2007 Acura and need to get it's normal 100K service. Ugh..Usually that means a timing belt replacement amongst other things. Plan to schedule it on Wed and maybe hold off on the timing belt for now.

For fun, I'm going to try out the new shoes I bought from Target and see how it compliments my outfits. haha. I should also cook my big slab of salmon I bought, cut it up on correct portions wrap it in foil so I can top it with the salad I make. Should be good for maybe four meals. Good stuff also good for losing and keeping my weight down. Besides, the way I make my salad, it's delicious. Probably going to do some cleaning, read up or watch some vids on my self growth and improvement. I'm sure a couple of hrs of gym time then tonight, dinner with my dart peeps minus Susan because her ex man will be here too.

I go back to work this Thursday. Glad to be able to go back to work. Miss my work and miss my work friends. My baskets in life :) My lunch hangouts at work. There is that cutie that goes to this place called Jack's Urban Eats. Healthy place that has a good salad mix where you pick your salad ingredients. I'm going to see her again from time-to-time as this is our fav spot for lunch and this time, I'm going to have the courage to ask for her if she ever eats alone and If eat alone there, maybe we can sit on a table and have our lunch together. This of course entails needing her phone number so I'll ask for it if she agrees to have lunches with me. Doubt she'll say yes but the last time we chatted while in line, I did great. She's really hot looking and her accent is very alluring. Her name I believe is Aleena. Maybe spelled Alina. Not sure since she only verbally told me her name.

Then there is what someone once told me is my work husband. Haha. I'm a dude and am 100% heterosexual so it was meant as a joke. So if you're reading my diary for the first time, I am a man and have no desire for other men. lol. We're just good buddies and always have lunch together for years now. He is a great engineer and has always helped me out when I get stuck with a problem. He is ver valuable as an Engineer.

More babbling.. I committed to going to Alaska with Susan next year when she goes to her yearly Alaska trip at her Dad's place. Since she is broken up with her man, it's now ok for me to go with her as a friend without ruffling anyone's feathers. Can't wait for that. Should be cool. Crabbing and fishing.

Side note. This coffee warmer is working like a charm. Loving it. Also, woke up with a massive hard on that didn't want to quit. So I wasn't in a mood for acrobatic crap this morning and just let her loose in the shower while the shower was running. I know, a bit too much tmi but it's my diary and I live alone so I think it at least lets me keep my man-card so too bad pffft! haha.