London Life
2019-11-04 16:23:58 (UTC)

Did Georgia betray her boyfriend for a girl? / Mark Thomas

Mon 04/11/2019

Jack woke me at 8, and I got in at 9:50 to find no desks on the 7th floor – first time for a while it’s been full – and I think I got the last break-out desk on the 6th floor. At least there are actual desks there now, they’ve admitted their mistake in the original inadequate set-up. We really only moved from the old office to have more space for collaborative breakout areas, and now they realise the office just hasn’t got enough desks. I have to look out for the Chief Executive, who likes to sit there. I was also pleased to see that being in a senior position hasn’t put Helen off being a loyal mini-skirt wearer.

Went to lunch with Jack – he’s managed to confirm getting the end-of-year dates off, so I booked the trains to Plymouth – the prices haven’t gone up. I also had to book replacement tickets for Saturday – it seemed to be £56 one-way, but that was the return, so not so bad, though if I could have left 15 minutes earlier it would have been £30. I had a last look for the lost tickets yesterday; I expect they’ll turn up after Saturday, when it’s too late. Now I hope I can get away with not having the correct “Two together” ticket. While we were having coffee, they were showing ‘Singing In the Rain’; it was noticeable that dancers (even when supposedly in “normal clothes”), wore exaggerated above-the-knee skirts, so it was possible for people in the 50s to imagine such things being worn in the streets, not that anyone actually would.

I was messaging Elina about Christmas meals and was astounded to learn that serious, straight-laced, stern Georgia gets very drunk at Christmas. One year, a short time after talking about much she loved her boyfriend, she started saying she really fancied a girl the other side of the pub, and she wanted to sleep with her. She eventually went off in a taxi with the girl and her friend, but Elina doesn’t know anything more. Another time, she kissed both of Elina’s boobs. This shouldn't have surprise me much, as they are always proudly on display.

Stayed at work until 6, and we got a 13 bus, which we ran for, despite just missing one. It took ages to get to Finchley, though we weren’t held up for long when it terminated early at Golders Green, we just picked up another.

We missed five or ten minutes of Mark Thomas’ set, and they made us sit in the circle for the first bit. He was entertaining, if not laugh out loud. This was supposed to be “work in progress”, and he diverged from his main rants to talk about rugby, or Harrogate.

I was hungry at the break (I had to give my after-work meal to Jack, who said I hadn’t given him one), and I’d only had a small lentil thing from Crussh (apparently missing the half-price items), and I hadn’t had my fruit today. I got the only vegan thing they had, two chocolate rice cakes, before realising there was another larger bar downstairs, from which we shared a vegan sausage sandwich.