London Life
2019-11-04 11:21:21 (UTC)

Hackney ParkRun / Waxey O'Connor's

Sat 02/11/2019 and Sun 03/11/2019

Up at 7 for ParkRun volunteering at Hackney Marshes. Stopped for an espresso in Homerton, but it was cash-only, and I realised I’d used all my cash last night at a cash-only restaurant in Brick Lane. They said I could have the coffee free but I said I’d return later.

Got to Hackney Marshes bang on time at 8:30, but waited in the pavilion for ten minutes before I realised that everyone was gathering at the end of the car park (it was only the half-marathon that happened the other side). Anyway I was in time, said hello to Steve C and Steve L. Eva was organising - turns out we were taking all the volunteering places.
I was marshalling at the finish, telling people that the barcode scanning was inside, out of the rain, which pleased people. It seemed to go by quite quickly, until the end when the last few people were spread out, and the final girl was a long way behind anyone else. She did say she was embarrassed (Carol was the tail walker; she would be great for that position, as she likes to chat).

I had an umbrella but it was very wet and windy and I got very wet tights. Got a samosa and crisps, so I could use a card, but just too late, Carol appeared with £5. I really should have got a spare coffee, someone would have had it.

Steve went with some others to his favourite café, but Dharmesh wanted to meet Charlotte at the Violet café so six of us went there. They didn’t have anything vegan so I ate my samosa. I had to leave in time to walk the “wrong” way, back to Homerton, to pay for my earlier coffee; they just took the money as if it was perfectly usual.

I eventually met Jack at Kings Cross St Pancras, after a while where we were both on the platform without seeing each other. He was also late, because he was half way to the station before remembering my message to bring me some dry tights and a small towel.

Rather than go to a mysterious Temple Lodge cafe listed near the station, (which we later realised was the Gate, which someone had entered additionally under that name), we got a katsu curry at Wasabi, where a sweet customer caught my eye. Her shorts rode up so much, it looked like she had a bare bottom (in tights) with her legs crossed, and we had time for a quick coffee at the nice café on the riverside.

The game was very disappointing and rather flat. Got a coffee in Shaftesbury Avenue afterwards, then spent about ten minutes exploring the maze of Waxy O’Connor’s before finding where Carol’s drink table was. She looked great in a gypsy dress which went so well with her Irish gypsy hair, but Dharmesh stole the show with his spiv suit.

Rob was the grim reaper, Charlotte had a flapper dress, and Lenka wore a crazy colourful mini dress. Clair looked sweet in a short red dress, putting on zombie poses (but I didn’t remember who she was). Spoke to tall Alex for a bit, he had his arm round Rachel, who looked sexy in a low-cut black mini-dress. So not everyone wore fancy dress, but if I’d have known it wasn’t just Halloween dressing up, I might have worn something less plain than a sweatshirt and denim skirt – though this had kept me warm at the ParkRun and the football.

I'd sent Carol a picture of me in a witch’s dress and hat from 2014, as "compensation" for me not dressing up. When they were deciding to move on, about 23:00, I sneaked out and got the bus home.

Felt a bit rough next morning after 5 drinks, and never got around to sorting out cuttings for my articles as intended, and spent a while looking at Soxiya and “other” erotic videos, then got my cuttings out but spent the time reading XFM ones. Watched a video about the sinking of Radio Caroline in 1980, after listening to an hour-long Mike Read interview. Didn’t go out at all, not even for cooking ingredients, listened to the Amazing Chart and did the week 44 chart which was impossible on Friday when the files kept freezing. The re-vamped template won’t save, so I had to use an old data week, with some of the Pivot Table links not right. Didn’t do the local stations at all, and it still took nearly four hours. I didn’t find my Birmingham tickets so had to ask Chris the details so I can get (expensive) replacements. At least I managed to pay the gardener for the last two months – I’d been using the wrong Barclays machine all the time – just in time for him to send the October bill which he asked for tonight, which I paid within fifteen minutes of him sending it.

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