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2019-11-04 03:27:55 (UTC)

The Jokers

Interesting article:

Seems upon arrival of this movie some 'online journalist' articles made every slam they could at this movie before even hitting the theaters. They were so convinced there was going to be a shooting, as if they WANTED there to be one. And guess what? Not a damn thing happened. Just another circle jerk media frenzy to get clicks. The norm. It's strange, because this movie is left up to your interpretation, either intentionally or unintentionally, and I personally think it's one of those movies that holds a mirror to it's audience. Depending on the person watching it, they may have a different perspective, like anything else. Some may see it as political, some may see it as an inspiration for change, others see it as an inspiration for destruction, some see it as a bible to creating a 'problematic, dangerous white male'. And I think these views reflect, to a degree, where we see ourselves and how we view society as well as our current mindset. I personally see the movie as an example of good cinema, and another yet interesting take on a classic villain. It's all up to interpretation. By the way, what the hell was that whole INCEL thing about? I had to look that up, as I would only see it used as a derogatory term used against people who made comments about, let's say for example, a show that is unoriginal but the only difference was that they replaced the male characters with females characters for progressive effect, or anything involving male/female dynamics. Does the military 'internet' now? Haha. After seeing the movie, I can honestly say that The Joker had literally NOTHING to do with any of that. It wasn't that type of movie...just people talking out of their ass. Haha. Probably fueled by media articles no doubt. But then again, this is a movie that is up for interpretation and really holds a mirror to its audience, like I said before. Is that why this movie scares or triggers some people? Do they see something they don't want to see in themselves? Does their mindset, combined with the current social structure seem to influence how they see this movie? Whatever. Just an observation.
Oh yeah, lol. Almost forgot. Did you see the numbers for the new Terminator movie? Oof! Looks like there may be something to that whole "go woke go broke" phenomenon. Maybe people don't want to pay to see hamfisted political overtones and progressive notions forced down their throats so much that it breaks their 'immersion' into the film. And that lame, tired, come back of: "people don't like female main characters and give these works of film terrible reviews because they're sexist" shit doesn't work anymore. It just doesn't fly. People see right through this shit and it's not working. Also, did it ever over to these people that maybe the movie didn't bomb because there were females as the main cast...but rather, and hold on to your hats because this will be a wild and crazy idea: maybe the movie just SUCKED?! Maybe a film or series has bad, boring, bland unoriginal writing, characters and story? Maybe the movie was too obvious of a progressive diversity insert instead of trying to be an actual well written film? If I liked a movie or thought it was well done I would give it a good review, and likewise, if it was bad I would give it a shitty review. I don't give a shit what the gender was. Stop with the 'victim-complex routine in order to manipulate the masses into giving me my way based on no other merit than being my gender' bullshit. If I wanted to go into acting, I would actually be insulted if someone wanted to hire me simply because I was a minority whose sole purpose in the film is to just support and agree with the main 'diversity' protagonist and fill the diversity quota. What about being hired on merit of good acting? If my acting is bad, don't 'give me a chance' and hire me because I'm a minority. That's actually quite racist, unfair and bullshit all at the same time. So the director or show runner can make themselves look good; look 'progressive'. Fuck that, don't give me a hand out or handicap. Put me through the same shit test you would with everyone else. You don't have to coddle women with the empowerment shit just because they're women. You think you mean well but it's just as bad as the people you're against. What is says to people is 'they're not strong enough to do things on their own and need support for everything'. Acknowledge people as people and not as someone poor and disenfranchised that 'needs to be saved', by YOU. The arrogance!
Well, this went off topic quickly, sort of. I'm thirsty as hell for some reason. Oh, heat is on full blast. Guess I'm getting nose-bleeds tonight. Bye.