Experienced Life
2019-11-01 22:28:50 (UTC)

It's so dang tough

I made a mistake. I watched an early movie with my friend. Thought I'd have time afterwords to hit the gym but nope, I was wrong. They close early on Fridays and the movie ran for a long time. So I get home and and couldn't make it to the gym. Got a call from my date for Sunday. She wanted to meet me there at Apple Hill. Told her I could pick her up so we can carpool but she said she wants to be cautious and go on her own. She says her friends are concerned for her well being. I guess that's fair. If that's the case, she can pay for her own stuff too. lol.

It does make me feel bad. Not going to the gym also sucks. I didn't get my fix of testosterone to calm my nerves. Now I'm having to deal with my ego and it sucks. I don't like feeling this way. Not healthy for me mentally. I know self improvement is a bumpy road. I get that. That's fine. I'd rather be walking back all sweaty on a cold cold night than to be like this. Cozy at home with too much on my mind. They aren't good thoughts or feelings. Tough night for sure.

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