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2019-11-01 20:26:51 (UTC)

More self improvement

Goals goals goals. Personal goals. Not stuff like getting married, kids,, etc. Goals that is specific for me to achieve that don't depend on others.

First.. the gym. Just going is not enough of a goal. What specifically am I aiming for? So ok. Specifically, I want to keep it below 155 lbs. By June, I want some abs. Not a 6 pack but just a 2 pack for now. By the end of next year, I want a 4 pack. I'm going to ask my coach for help on how to achieve these goals. I'm working on my chest, arms, and quads specifically when I'm at the 2nd gym. I will put in extra efforts with weights on those machines as that's what I also want to build in addition to my primary gym.

I want to keep a clean home. So, I will put in scheduled effort to clean and maintain my home. At least an hr a day ave and an extra effort to clean as I go. That spare bedroom is a mess. I need to put in extra time in there too. Get rid of the clutter and purge it like I purged through my clothes.

Dressing up. I needed help dressing up with the current trend or at least with the classics. So I'm seeing my saleslady at the Men's Wearhouse for advice. So I'm getting some shoes that can be worn with my suit and casual. She has them on order and will call me when it comes in for me to just try. Also, I was thinking some sort of sports blazer that I can wear with jeans as a casual but fashionable enough to make it to some nice restaurants.

Work, I will work harder to get one more promotion. I doubt my boss will give me one but if I put an effort to be more valuable as an Engineer, maybe I can get it. I got specific skills right now with Vmware and the clouds. Both Amazon and Microsoft's version. I will put more of an effort there.
Also, the flavor of the month on firewalls seem to be Palo Alto firewalls. So I need to enhance my skills on those too.

Church? Yeah, that's my thing. I like going. There is so much to learn from the pastor. Even if you don't include God, Jesus, and the bible, they talk about so many things that is so good for self improvement. I remember and try to follow. It's sort of my conscience once Im out and about. Things that happen, all of a sudden, the church sermon hits you with a reminder of how you should be a better person. It's tough but I try.

There are more. Mainly, these are goals that I can achieve and won't depend on anyone else to do. It's all on me and how hard I go at it. Now don't get me wrong, finding someone special, having kids, adopting kids, etc, etc are all fine and dandy. I'm talking specific goals that I can control for now. I can do this.

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