Do Not Disturb

2019-10-31 22:48:28 (UTC)

Trunk or treat

So, me and my brother ended up going to this trunk or treat out in Madison Park and I ended up seeing my ex. We exchanged heys but that was about it of coarse I had me a bag. It was freezing out their. I had a hoodie on a big fluffy coat on and it still didn't do anything. I was still shaking and I was ready to go home. But I had a great time getting some candy they even had food. I got a sausgae even though I already had Captain D's before I left the house. It was halloween.

Q was trying to get me to go out with him somewhere. I told him I'm not interested. I just wanna be friends for the a thousand times.

Why can't he understand that ?

I mean I would like to be in a relationship just not with him...Again. I just didn't like him anymore. Not being rude but if, you don't like someone you probably shouldn't be with them or, love them and I guess that's why my ex Adetayo broke up with me. He didn't like me anymore. I guess I kind of liked him. But not all the way liked him. Anyways, today was an okay day except for the part about my psychology teacher started yelling at me in front of the whole class because I was on my phone while he was talking when class was about to be over. But I had a good reason to be on my phone. I was looking up stuff for our library projects thats due on the 12 of November. But I guess he doesn't allow that either. I never even liked that class anyways. It was just something to take at the last minute because I did everything in the last minute.

Okay, my head hurts now and I'm tired.


P.S. My surgery wound is finally healing up but still taking meds for it.

Mood 😴

- A

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