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2019-11-01 15:19:33 (UTC)

Goals Reflection: October 2019

[any identifying names and locations will be changed for protection and privacy.]

I suspect this is gonna be a short one.

Two things related to [the eco lab] that I wanted to mention here.
1. I submitted an application for their "boot camp," with a possibility of being there sometime in May to early June of next year. I anticipate staying on their land, and subsidizing my rent with occasional contributions to the work that needs to be done round their place while I'm there.
2. Their book arrived, which is great! I'd not even cracked open the ebook version, waiting instead on the eventuality of holding a hard copy in my hands.

My friend never followed-up with me about building any primitive-tech structures or tools on her land through the month of October, but so it goes. I later saw photographs of another structure she's building on her land, so maybe her schedule was already full before I offered to help her make stuff.

1. Completed a full-size retro-fitting of one of my One-Hour-Game-Jam entries, and then exhibited it at a game exhibition earlier this month. The game was well-received, even if the event (a massive family-friendly, cosplay-friendly event geared towards kids, and focusing on mass-market games such as Minecraft and Fortnite) wasn't really my cup of tea. I still had a nice time while I was there. The AirBnB place I stayed in at a neighbourhood near the convention center was wonderful and even though the bed was a bit too small for me I would have liked to have stayed longer.
2. Still working on game-book ideas, my gemstone game, and now a roll n' write inspired by some custom dice I picked up some time ago. It's a game with an Old West theme, and the player manages a troupe of miners digging into old mine tunnels in search of minerals, metals, and rich stuff. Core mechanics are sound, and now it's about adding some variety and some more interesting decisions for the player to make as the game goes on. I'll test this in early November at a designer's meeting.

Nothing new on this front, beyond an announcement that the Glowforge should be shipping very soon. I ordered this - and paid a couple grand for it - maybe four years ago...? I'd ordered an air filter to go along with it, and after dozens of attempts at fabricating a compact air filter, they're rolling back to a filter about the same size as a travel suitcase, attached to the printer with a fan-driven air tube. Not satisfying to hear about this, but I'll deal.

My first project will be a set of ornaments for my old day job down South. This is a test run for the fabrication process, and to see the level of intricacy I can build. If they like them, I will make more and then be able to charge them for it. I will consider them as a prototype for something like a Fiverr account, allowing me to make ornaments and other custom wooden items.

Meanwhile, the day job is still going well. We finished a training cohort on 1st November (the day I wrote this), and I was the head instructor for most of October. I tried a few different things this time round, particularly in terms of prepping clients for their group projects, and I think it paid off. Generally speaking, the training went well and the clients seemed to take a lot from it. I won't be head instructor again until early 2020, so it'll be nice to have time away from the classroom for a bit. Maybe I'll take more vacation time in the winter, and/or round my birthday. We'll see.

I visited a few times, but the only major event I participated in with family this past month was dinner at a hibachi place in recognition of my stepfather's birthday.

About a week ago, I set up a luncheon for my coworkers at a local restaurant/arcade to take place in early December. I may invite family to attend, but it's a fair distance out of their way (hell, it's a fair distance out of my way, and I already live closer to the venue). I decided to spend some of my settlement money on my coworkers. I don't celebrate anything else, really. Certainly no major holidays. But this is a way to let my coworkers know I care about them, and that "hey, I could have died when I was hit by that car, but I'm here eating onion rings and playing pinball instead...!"

I figured what the hell, why not. I won't regret it, in any case. I'm budgeting like $1,500 for it, and everything should be covered. It's just a nice thing to do, dammit.

Morning workouts continue, evening bicycling continues, and a low-level chronic soreness in my shoulder continues. I knew that I'd expect for some deterioration over time, but come on, man. The surgery was only in May 2018. That's a bummer. I don't think I'm over-working it with my daily warm-up/wake-up exercises, so I'll continue those for the foreseeable future regardless.

The monthly bicycle event was last week. Likely over 1,500 people attended the massive, Halloween ride. It's always been a big deal, and this year was no exception. Very nice route, only a few spills and/or flat tires, met some new volunteers, and overall had a splendid time. I seem to be well-regarded as a persistent and helpful volunteer for the effort.

I pick up another 90-day refill of my anti-anxiety medication this weekend. Still looking to stay on that until at least early 2020.

I scheduled and paid for a week's vacation for myself at the shore during Thanksgiving week. I am absolutely, positively, indubitably STOKED for this. A week of bicycling, pancakes, and naps, with plenty of other stuff thrown in the mix, to boot. I might have a lady-friend visit for a few days of that time as well, though there's no guarantee on that. Not worried about it in the least, though. That week is all mine, regardless.

I'm glad the autumn is begun. The weather doesn't suck anymore, and I intend to be outdoors more often as things cool off out there. My vacation is on the way, the day job has slowed its pace, and my family is understanding of my need for time away to do my own thing. I anticipate a productive, creative end to 2019.