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2019-11-01 08:08:55 (UTC)

Getting back to my routine

Been home for a couple days now Unpacked my luggage and have my gifts spread out on the pool table trying to figure out which ones I will give to which friends. I let Heidi pick what she wanted and she picked one of the two butterflies. My Superstar friend picked the red Canadian sweater. I know my friend Susan is into crystals so I bought her a butterfly specifically for her. A Canadian flask for my constantly drunk friend. lol. Bought varies teas and of course a couple of maple syrup samples. I bought two sets of earrings. One was from Buchart Gardens. Their red roses and it looked cool. Not expensive maybe around 125 Canadian. Don't know who that will be for yet. The other earrings was from a glacier rock I guess shaped like hearts. Not sure who that will be for.

In other news, my friend Jenny asked me if I could watch her kiddos for a four days in Nov while she goes on a business trip. I just need to make sure they get up at 6AM and they can take care of themselves. Easy peasy. I can take them out to dinner too if they want but I'm sure Jenny will be responsible and fill her fridge with food that kids can easily make themselves.

Another of my friends passed away too. Found out while I was in Vancouver. She was one of my dart peeps. I've known her for about 15 years perhaps? I've played with her as teammates. I've played against her as opposing teams. I've been her ex husband's (husband at the time) team mate and played against him too. We are a group of around 300 dart players and we all know each other and each other's skill level. Anyway, this made me really look and assess my life even more. I don't want to waste it and I will live my life with as much quality and positive things as I can with the goal of being as happy as can be.

This Sunday, I had a date scheduled. This time, it's from that online dating site coffee and bagels. So this time, we know each other's age and that won't be an issue anymore. haha. She wanted to go to a Hawaiian restaurant but my friend has a small hike at the place called Apple hill ands then to a Jack Russel's brewery. I suggested the change in venue with my age appropriate date and she is good with that so there you go. Two birds with one stone.

My superstar friend texted me. I sent her pics of the goodies I brought home and told her to pick. She picked the red hoodie sweatshirt as I already mentioned but more than that, it's nice to hear from her. I kid around about stuff and she always say I have a funny personality that always makes her laugh. She is such a good wholesome person to know. She is the kind of people you should surround yourself with being so positive in life.

I got errands to do today plus the mandatory gym session. Still at that secondary gym doing elliptical crap. 7 more days before I'm back at my primary gym and back to work. I miss my friends at work and at the gym. Sigh.... They are my baskets in life that I have left unattended. Couldn't help it but I'll be investing time with them soon.

My fridge is empty. Gave my refrigerated food away before I left. I need to stock up again. Chicken, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, salmon, broccoli, spring mix salad mix(looks so weird but tastes so yummy), balsamic vinaigrette dressing, maybe a steak or two and eggs and whatever else I want to buy on impulse. Flowers for my dresser too. I like looking and smelling them when I first wake up in the morning :) Haha. I know my friends right now would be saying who and I and what did I do with the real me? haha.

I also need to send some of my shirts to dry cleaning. Not that I have some fancy swanky crap, I supposed to dry clean them now. Well, at 40 bucks a freaking shirt, I guess I have to do that now. SMH.

I'm sure my dart friends will be calling soon wanting to come over to hook up, play darts, eat dinner, and drink some wine. Maybe tonight. Dunno. I'd like a day alone to myself. Hoping I get that on Saturday. That's tomorrow. I need time to collect my thoughts on recent events. Self improvement also never ends and I feel like I've been slacking on that lately. My ego has been getting the better part of me.

Haven't heard from my Canadian friend yet. Hope she's ok. She says nice things to me and I like it. She always makes me feel better and more relaxed with her texts.

I guess I need a haircut too. I now recall the last one I got was before surgery. So that's almost 3 months ago. haha. I guess I was more concerned about my mustache and goatee growing that I hadn't noticed my hair was getting out of control.

Truck needs a wash and inside cleaned. Used it for wine tasting a couple of times and some wineries had chalky walkways and my truck has some of that crap on the floor mats now.

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