London Life
2019-11-01 14:59:03 (UTC)

Vegan Yes

Friday 01/11/2019

Did the first 10km run to work since I’ve been ill – felt sluggish but the pace turned out to be all right. I left my laptop downstairs then had to wait to get in the shower, then when I got back to the desk, Bobby had taken the desk. So Elina had to sit opposite me, next to Laila. We haven't managed to sit together for ages, but at least I could hear her.

Met Jack for lunch, then went to the bagel shop with Elina and sexy Laila. It was confusing, Elina didn’t get given her jacket potato, then got two; I was given an espresso (with milk in!) before I got my” vegan special”. Sandra came and talked to us in the break-out area; she is now dealing with complaints. Elina told Laila about Ian’s wife leaving him for someone at work.

I was trying to reconstruct the spreadsheet for this month’s data (after yesterday’s disaster), but it was very slow and I had to to take my laptop home as I had a hair appointment at 4, to look good for Carol’s birthday drink tomorrow. I took my running t-shirt to wear over my blouse, but it was so mild I didn't need it. I thought I was so well-planned to run in today - yesterday I brought in a spare blouse, skirt, underwear, waistcoat jacket and even food, but didn't remember to bring a light outer jacket today (or get Jack to take one in for me). My hair was done by a pleasant (though overweight) central European girl who took some trouble over it.

We wanted to try out a vegan cafe in Hanbury Street we'd never been to. Jack got out of work at 18:20 (laila and Elina were still there) and we got a bus, but it broke down after 2 stops. There was a false start when it seemed OK again, but we had to wait outside Jack's old office while four no 3s came by. Eventually we got an 87 and a 26, but when we got to the cafe at 19:45, it was shutting in 15 minutes (rather than at 22:00). Our three back-up cafes were not open so we walked up Brick Lane; I remember going in a cafe there before, though I knew Jack hadn't liked it.

We went past a vegan burger place called Moushies, or something, and arrived at Vegan Yes. We ordered a lasagne and a mushroom gnocchi, but what Jack hadn't liked last time, was that nearly everything had kimchi in it - including his lasagne. My gnocchi didn't, but although it tasted OK, it didn't sustain my interest. Then we had to wait a while at Shoreditch station, and of course had to change. I then had to divert to get some Tampax, and overall it wasn't a great evening.