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2019-11-01 10:51:06 (UTC)

Tales From the Lodge

Thurs 31/10/2019

Found my Shockz headphones at work but not my phone lead (even though it’s got my name on it). I’d woken up at 7:10 without any assistance – my phone and watch not being available. I’ve quite successfully managed to get up earlier since the clocks went back. Walked up the stairs twice today, after fancying a walk at lunchtime - I went up to WH Smith and got WebUser (syncing PC/phone feature), Sheffield train tickets, phone lead (despite writing my name on the last one, I still managed to lose it at work), vegan Magnum and veg samosa, and went to the repair shop to find it would cost £25 to repair my jacket (whereas I’ve discovered from my emails that I bought it for £22 including P&P, three years ago – not £70 as I’d guessed).,

Also this was a good chance for a mini-skirt check, now we’re well into autumn. Despite what Elina said, as I walked along the street , it's good to see they still dominate as they have done since 2007! (including among the teenagers, two of which I saw at East Finchley later). This was confirmed later as I sat waiting for Jack at his office – I also saw three sets of over-knee boots, at his office and on our way to Finchley. Missed a call from him at lunchtime, when he wanted to meet for a coffee. I’d given him a meal for after work, while once again thinking erroneously that he meets a friend on Thursday. He could have come with me on my stroll.

After spending all morning boringly updating the template yesterday (including bits I was sure I’d done before), ii wont; save now, it just says there are errors and won’t say in clear English what they are. Worse than that, I can’t get to an earlier version – I’ve now messed up both versions. In the end, I had to find an old chart which I hadn’t paste-specialled over the formulae (only due to lack of time), and use that for week 44. I did the staff survey this year, as I wanted to moan about the office (which wasn’t possible), about the senior management and their lack of consultation, and about being micro-managed – not that that’s happened this week. I had a meeting with Julie about the new structure, seems I may be reporting to the senior manager rather than the manager.

Jack eventually came down about 19:30, we got the tube to the Phoenix where we saw our third film this week - free with a Q&A - it was ‘Tales From the Lodge', a comedy-horror with Johnny Vegas and MacKensie Crook, including story” sequences so as to bring in zombies and other horror traditions. There was a Q&A with MacKensie Crook and the director Abigail Blackmore, actress Sophie Thompson. There were plenty of other actors in the audience.

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