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2019-10-31 22:33:43 (UTC)

Bringing up my social status

Ok, this is a little stupid. I'm playing a little bit of games here. Not really but I'm making my social status better. When you do that, other's will look and admire you a bit more. I know this is a little into mind games but I learned that if you make yourself socially higher in status, others will take a second look at you and looking at you in a little bit of a better status.

So my friend Heidi asked me if we could go wine tasting today and I wasn't expecting it. At first, I was going to pass because I was still reeling from all that drinking in Canada. But then I thought going out with her only increases my social status. She is a cute. She is just a friend for the past 10 years. So she is good eye candy. All the dudes like her. I'm just her friend but I know she will raise my stocks so yeah, I went wine tasting with her. She and I are very close. We tell each other a lot of things. She tells me more. She tells me about some dudes that only lasts 2 minutes. I nicknamed him "the two minute warning". lol That's how close we are anyway.

She had to work later so we went home at around 5PM from wine tasting. Told her she can come over after is she wanted to and she and her man did. So we opened up another couple bottles and had fun chatting. She told me that she had something to tell me that would make me feel better. So she's still fb friends with my ex gf. The native American one. She tells me that she cut her hair really short to her shoulder and she has a lot of gray hair now and she doesn't want to color it. Ewwwue. I do recall my ex saying she's proud of her hair and she isn't coloring it. I never understood that and it looks gross to me but whatever. Anyway, she did make me feel better when she told me that. haha. Too tired to post links and stuff for today's fun or the last day in Canada. Got a lot of things to take care of at the moment. I'll do it later.

Still no word from Faye. Someone here indicated she'd be calling me for a book call but so far nada. I have a date this Sunday. We'll see how that goes. I'll update when I have more info. I chatted with my superstar friend in Mexico. She always has nice things to say to be about me. Always. She is cool. Wish she was much older than her current age of 20 years old. lol

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