London Life
2019-10-31 11:31:31 (UTC)

Ken Loach film 'Sorry We Missed You' and litter-picking

Tues 29/11/2019 and Wed 30/11/2019
My phone was on a low %, so after leaving work without Jack so I could go by bus to Islington Vue, he IM’d me he was leaving work when I was probably still at the bus stop. However we got there about the same time and I was surprised to find a “sweet” vegan wrap at the little shop by the Red Lion. We went to a free screening of Ken Loach’s ‘Sorry We Missed You’, which worked really well to show the realities not only of zero-hour contracts but care work, and how it can affect a basically loving family. Got some ingredients and I had time to make some aubergine-less moussaka which turned out more like stew. Left my phone lead and Shockz headphones at work. I need to be careful about those; unlike other headphones I’ve bought, they cost nearly £70 and are easy to leave somewhere, like a phone lead.

Labour voted for an election. Johnson will talk about ‘Getting Brexit done’, and Parliament “dithering”, without mentioning that he voted against Theresa May’s deal, or that Leaving will mean further deal negotiations for years. It's hard to predict, but will probably be either hung or a small Tory majority. The SNP and the LibDems will make gains, and it’s not impossible that Johnson could lose his Uxbridge seat. It would be good if Labour can get over messages about austerity and the 99%.

Not busy at work, so I worked on updating the template and later looked at some sexy Soxiya videos when I should have been getting ready to go out. I did have time after work to make some risotto (which Jack later said was delicious) and spicy kedgeree. I manged to turn on my phone, despite it being on 1%, to IM Jack that there was food for him at home.

For once I arrived for volunteering in good time (ran there from home), and as there were only about four people there when I arrived, I soon got engaged in conversation (despite my usual Wednesday reserve). Got to know a new girl, Cara, and said hello to another newbie, Sara; also talked to Rebecca G, not remembering at first who she was. Someone said I was brave to wear shorts in the cold, but I had three layers on my top half, plus my 80s-style running jacket and a hat. I wore Miss S black mini-skirt and cosy stilletos for work, but changed at home before heading out.

As the girl at the farm was ill, we went litter-picking along the water instead. I chatted to Sophie R and CJ, telling her about all the flats that have gone up in recent years. I was telling her about the vegan café when we unexpectedly turned and ran past it! We litter-picked in the bit between the shop and the square, there isn’t much litter – maybe we should have gone towards the Lock. I paired with Cara, and soon merged with Stephen, Ben and others. CJ found someone’s phone, which we handed to security at the square (there were also paid litter-pickers there).

We did 3 laps of the full square; at times I felt I was running alone, unable to keep up with three blokes who were far ahead, and all the other girls were well behind me. Then the paper/scissors/rock game which really goes on a bit too long, and another lap of the square. Wasn’t too bad in the pub despite my cold and related bad ear. I was talking to George (to my right) about being vegan – he only eats meat when visiting people – then there was a lot of science talk with him and Abi. George was talking about twins and triplets and I mentioned that Frances was a triplet, which George didn’t know. This led to a couple of people saying they think Frances doesn’t like them – George said she had blanked him to speak to Steve C. I defended her, saying she doesn’t always find it easy to talk to strangers and sticks to who she already knows. (she said to me in Littlehampton, “you like talking to people, get Julie away from that man”).

Lizzie was in the corner looking sweet, and Liz was at the end talking to a well-made up girl [note on 06-06-2020 : probably Rita] who I asked as we were leaving, whether it was her first time, and she said I’d previously spoken to her at the October social! Caz was there as well.

Couldn’t use my out-of-battery phone for the run, and my watch isn’t working after I synched it with my phone, only to find it was no longer synched with the PC. I found this out when I tried to post my actual Tuesday run to work, rather than the mad 19km run Strava recorded, which supposedly took 8 hours (and I got 10 kudos for!). So the PC version of TomTom asked if I wanted to reset my watch. I said OK, only to find that it wanted me to re-input all my gender/height/DOB details etc, and the actual ‘Run’ function has disappeared.
Saw PMQs, with Johnson ignoring questions about the NHS in favour of election sloganeering.