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2019-10-31 10:13:43 (UTC)

Halloween, Our Favorite

Halloween was my husband and I's favorite holiday. We had a really good Halloween last year - our last. Instead of Trick-or-treating (which doesn't occur in our building, anyway -- it's a rooming house), we did the opposite. Dressed as zombies (a costume we've done for the last few years because it's easy and cheap - lol), we went around our building leaving candy at people's doors. We played music and danced. We had fun.

Tonight, I'm on my own. I'll be re-watching Markipier play Five Nights At Freddy's: Sister Location. I've watched all the previous ones this month (except for the 4th one - just didn't feel like it - I may still watch it soon), and they are good, but this one is my favorite and Markiplier is hilarious.

One time my husband saw some of a Markiplier video and he was like, "Why do you watch all these guys that are just like me?" Lol! True, but I've asked him several times if he had a secret Irish son almost 30 years ago - referring to Jacksepticeye.

I made Pewdiepie yelling something his ringtone. Lol. He actually watched most of that video, but he didn't watch much YouTube. He mostly played music on it.

Anyways... I love you, My Love.

Happy Halloween, My Love.

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