Do Not Disturb

2019-10-31 04:39:46 (UTC)

Get This !

Earlier today, I asked my mother has she seen my tennis shoes that I was going to wear to school and she told me," I don't know go look for them." Like,whenever she asked me to find her cigarettes or,go get something for her I have to actually go do it. I could've easily just said no but she's my mother.

Anyways, tomorrow's Halloween. Might end up dressing up just for fun. My mom says I'm to old but I think otherwise. You're never to old to go trick - or- treating.

I'm really craving for some good cheese fries right about now. Even though I had a Dave's Single from Wendy's today because I didn't eat anything but that was my fault.

Actually, that wasn't my fault because it was barely anything to eat in their.

Work was great today till Mike came in. Work is never great when he comes in. I asked him can he help me get a box from the top shelf in the back and he told me to get a ladder because I'm 5"4 like how rude. So, I just said fuck it. And he wonders why I'm so mad at him right now. And he calls me rude.

Mood : Whatever 🙄

- A