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2019-10-30 08:35:33 (UTC)

Goodbye Canada

I'm at the airport. I'll post stuff we did yesterday. Slight anxiety at the moment. I hate leaving a beautiful place. So much potential here for a good better life. People treat me so nice here in Canada. Even when I accidently walked into the ghetto homeless place in Chinatown, not one homeless person asked me for money or anything.

I'm loving Canada. Its hard for me to have to leave here. Have no clue on the cost of living or if I'd really got in here if I made a drastic move. I do know that its freaking cold though. Glad I still have my balls after last night's walk. Lol

I do know I like their wine. I like their food. I like their people. I'm still young but I have 2 more years and I'll have a full pension including medical. I'll keep my options open. As far as romance, Sacramento has kicked my ass multiple times. I just dont fit in that City. And I've been with multiple races and ethnic groups so its not like just dating one certain race.

You know, I've had followers here for years now. I wonder if theyd be interested in pics of my ex wife, my ex Native American gf, and my last Iranian whatever it was. I think I bitched about them the most so maybe My readers would be curious about how they look. There is a small chance they may recognize who they are but oh well. Let me know if you folks would be interested in seeing how they look inst lieuof the imagination..
My Camadian friend I mentioned is hot as heck!! But that's only for my eyes. Just know that she is a hottie and if she even communicates with you, that in itself should make you feel grateful.

Flight is in less than 2 hrs :( Gosh darn!!! It hurts to leave this Country. Sigh....

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