Lost sight of a picture never taken

Lost art of keeping a secret
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2019-10-30 12:00:00 (UTC)


I had something to say, but for my own reasons I will hold back. All I wish to say on the matter is that the people in this world are getting lapse. The fear of being bettered is driving bad decisions and worse work.

Our greed and constantly heightening level of self entitlement will be the ruin of our kind.

There is nothing wrong with want and desire, nothing wrong with feeling you deserve something that you have worked hard for. However the belief that we are deserved of something when we have no right other than “because” will see us on our knees.

Listen carefully and you will hear the beat of the hooves of that which drives us. But with one comes them all. Every dog has its day and every ‘man has their day to die.

Don’t misconstrue me, I do not preach nor do I “believe”, but when I stand bare foot to the ground I can feel the freak of the world beneath us. This world is not just soil and sand, although we would teach it. But I don’t preach that either.

Just will have it said, the world is creaking beneath us, that behind the acceptance will have us on our knees before what made us.