London Life
2019-10-29 16:54:55 (UTC)

'A Way Of Life'

Mon 28/10/2019
Sat on the Ladies' side of the office to keep away from the IT bloke and his endless conference calls - which suddenly go loud as he instructs his staff. Met Jack for lunch as I hadn't had time to cook anything, We'd had a cuddle this morning as well, as I was getting up early to use the benefit of the clocks going back, and he had a hospital appointment at 9. So we went to The Fields Beneath for a vegan croissant.

At lunchtime, after looking in Crussh and Ravenna, we ended up at Keys. Jack was about to buy something and the bloke serving said: "you know that's vegetarian" which was handy as he wanted vegan, and might have just unknowingly bought it. So as there was nothing vegan out, he went and found falafel wraps for us, specially, and let us eat them in for take-away price. Though it wasn't very nice, with cucumber in it.

In the evening we saw a film at the Phoenix with a Q&A. It was set in south Wales (filmed in Swansea), and was a relentlessly gloomy film about a racialist single mother, who ends up getting her brother and his mates to beat up a Turk who she thinks is telling on her to social services. One of the boys was shagging the Turk's daughter, (who looked lovely in a very short school skirt) .

After getting into bed by 10:45, I lost the benefit of the clocks going back, by looking at the "sexy" pictures of me on my alternative Facebook page, and wondering whether I should let a stranger add me (I did).