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2019-10-28 18:03:17 (UTC)

Did our tourist thang :)

We went to several places today. We just entered the Capilano Suspension exhibit/bridge but they suddenly closed it down. Not sure what happened. Cops, fire dept, emts, all came so obviously, there was an injury or fatality. We weren't able to check out the bridge today but we got out of there alive which is fine by me. I did get some pics before we had to leave.

Later, I got hungry and was wanting some Irish food. Went to an Irish pub and got me some Irish beef stew with mash potatoes. Good tasting comfort food on a cold day.

We also checked out a lighthouse and it was a itty-bitty hike which was good. I'm just getting fatter by the day with all this great Canadian meals :)

My sweet Canadian friend suggested Canadian Ice wine and Poutine.Wine store is right across the street from my hotel. There is a Poutine place 4 min away from my hotel. Mean Poutine in Vancouver. I think it'll kill me. It looks like french fries with toppings. And I mean TOPPINGS like it's out of control!! Going to try it out tonight. Still full from the Irish beef stew but it's open till 3AM so I need to give it a try. I don't know if I should thank my friend or stick my tongue out at her for suggesting these.