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2019-10-28 16:56:43 (UTC)

Love Lost

Dear Diary,
What is love? I think I have written about it several times and expressed how life right now is complicated. But love is: making sacrifices for the one you want to be with. Love is doing anything for them without them having to ask. Love is being there when they need you. Love is talking to someone on their good days and bad days. Love is never lying or hurting them. Love is....forever. I love my family, I love my friends, I love God, and I love my girl. I would never hurt my family, friends, or my girl. Unfortunately, I admit, I am not the perfect Christian and sometimes I wonder why God keeps me around. I admit, I could be better. I could dump my girl and start this life of purity and honesty. But I love my girl and wouldn't wanna break up with her. It's crazy because God has these commandments that we are supposed to keep, but I believe everyone breaks them. I already know, there is no heaven for me when I die. My family, friends, and my girl...well they definitely will go to heaven someday. But anyway...I miss my girl. Night all.