from my heart
2019-10-28 19:41:51 (UTC)

feeling envious and like i am a loser

3:42 pm

currently i am at the cafe with irene. i dont know how im feeling but im not feeling so good. i feel like i cannot be myself and im jealous of irene. idk why. i feel like a terrible person. i feel envious of her life.

my life feels so dull and grey. i had hopes of making it full of colors like pink blue red and yellow but i feel like suddenly all those hopes went away. i dont even know if i really want to go to college.

i want that excitement in life but i feel so fucking dull. only time i feel good is when im with roman and we are talking and just playing stardew valley or something.

i feel like a complete loser

i just dont know. i want to get far in life but i feel like i only go far backwards

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