London Life
2019-10-28 14:57:55 (UTC)

Doctor Brown's / Vera's Birthday

Sat 26/10/2019
Though my ear seems to have recovered, I was still worried about getting up at 05:45. Drunk a pint of water, which got me up at 2, so I had another which unfortunately got me up at 4. I thought I might as well get up, but fell asleep on the train between 7 and 8. We had a bare minimum of 4 of us, but Dani was on the train as well. Natalie took a picture of me asleep, which she sent to Davina. I wasn’t aware of this until I mentioned later that I might have gone to sleep. I then IM’d Davina to point out that it was in the morning, sending him a picture of Petra asleep at the ground (and later one going home). As the papers weren’t yet available at 06:45 King’s Cross, I read the Guardian and other stuff on my phone, and didn’t get bored until about 10 – we were due into York about 10:50.

We went to Doctor Brown’s, I actually had 3 drinks and turned one down before going to Alkaline Kitchen which only opened in February. No-one was out the front when I arrived, and the Asian man was hard to understand, but they had a good choice. Looked back in Doctor Brown’s about 14:10 - saw Big Dave and Graham, who gave me my umbrella I’d left in there. Afterwards I went to The Green Room, then had to run to the station for my connection. The others had got a taxi to Darlo, where I had time to get 4 cans. Read the paper on the way back, and after getting a coffee, spoke to Peter S, Steve Q and others about my articles.

Sun 27/11/2019
Didn’t wake until 09:35 (BST). As I hadn’t showered, I wore the tartan skirt with no knickers – comfy! Updated my next article after yesterday’s chats, and re-ordered the paragraphs. I’d done it on Friday when Jack was out, and it wasn't much fun doing it. Listened to ‘Mummy’s Weekly’ with Jonathan King, interviewing staff at the station. Tim Blackmore said he chose the “playlist, known to listeners as the Countdown”, and that he chose the Climbers in conjunction with Aidan Day. (This was the week of the most “different-ever” Countdown). His website says he changed roles in July 1978.

It was Vera’s birthday meal. Ran to King’s Cross, then found the next train (13:13) was from St Pancras. Rushed over there, but couldn’t see it on the Thameslink side. Got one about 13:37 from King’s Cross, and when I arrived, I remembered that Jack had changed the meal time to 15:00, not 14:00. As I was on my way to the Harvester, Jack phoned to say about 14:10 that because Vera was ill, the meal was at her house. Gladly, the telly wasn’t on, and I sat in front of it and so joined in the chats with Marie and others. Emily's quiet boyfriend was there. But when Madz arrived, the sisters started getting, silly, singing, shouting and screaming. They were trying to think of names for Toni’s band, and inappropriately coning up with names with “vinyl” in them, such as “Vinyl Countdown”, an excuse to sing the terrible Europe song. Strangely, they stopped when they drunk some rum (or when it got too much for me and I had an exchange with Julie, who agreed it was a terrible song but said it didn't matter) so I was spared any more agony. We didn’t leave too late, got the bus and were home at 22:00. Went to bed at the same time, listening to The Now Show, and got a good start to having earlier nights, now the clocks have gone back.