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2019-10-28 05:19:33 (UTC)

Up early in Vancouver

I'm up early having my cordial morning coffee. No flowers to look at or smell. In fact, no bed. I'm sleeping on a sofa.Sis could only get a one bedroom timeshare so it's the sofa for me till Wed. This is my time to reminisce and for my brain to just wander around with random thoughts. Yesterday, I heard from some people I thought I'd never hear from again.

So of course my ego does it's silly thing. I wonder about how they are and I also wonder about the people that didn't reach out to me. Do my kiddo's still think and miss me? It's near the holidays and it's been over three years I think. Do they still remember me and all the good times I spent showing them the world teaching them the proper morals so that they can grow up to be a good man and good woman?

I wonder if my ex gf Native American ex misses me. I still remember the last few things she told me was that I had the hardest C##k ever. Not sure why she said that and if I was only good to her for that but that's one of the last few things she told me. lol

Then there is the more recent Iranian woman. I never called or texted her since our last phone call but yeah, I wonder. I wonder if she's still sniffing my 2 shirts that she has that I wore. She did confess the first time that she loves my cologne and she did smell my shirt and did miss me. We did have those nights of passion and they were very good. Does she think about this still? Did she instead burn my shirts or just throw it away? lol. Obviously, I have too much idle time here in Vancouver. Sister better be feeling better because there isn't a gym at this timeshare.

Then there is my date next week with the person I met online. You know, I'm starting to really not like this online thing. I thought I was just an old school type of a guy. I thought I was being stubborn. It's just that this date with the online site seems like a real shot in the dark. I'm not enthused about it at all. No nervousness. No exciting anticipation. Just almost like a date with a friend.

Unlike when I asked Faye out. I met her at a housewarming party. I watched, listened, and communicated with her. I found her attractive after that. Not when she first walked into the place. She dressed very meager. She was in a long red dress which I like but you can tell it's not a fancy dress, not revealing at all. I ended up liking her after getting to know her. That is the stuff missing with online dating. Going out before the curiosity is raised. Don't get me wrong though. I have my self respect. Faye cancelled on our last date and that made her the lesser person. She canceled just so she could go out with the girls so she went from one social thing to another social thing. That makes it disrespectful for me. I hold myself to a higher standard. Just starting up again makes me go..sigh...

Then there is that stupid annoyance of my ex wife texting me. Don't really need that. She bored with her life? She needs someone to fool around on? Well, I think I participated more than enough times for that. I've retired in that dept. haha.

So Sister is feeling better today. Hopefully we can go out and have some fun being tourists.

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