from my heart
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2019-10-28 00:34:35 (UTC)

today is a new day and so is tomorrow

8:34 pm

the place i work at is closing down and im honestly kind of sad about that. this place was my first workplace i ever worked at and honestly i have a lot of good memories there. im forever grateful and thankful for having that place be my very first work experience.

im going to have to find a new job and im kinda scared. im kinda scared to apply for new jobs because im scared of being rejected. im scared that people will say that i cannot work because i might be too ugly or too short. idk im just insecure

im also kind of excited because if i do get a new job it will be a new experience and a new chance to meet new people. one of the few things i believe that you cant really buy is experience and so im really looking forward to having a chance at something new in life

today roman and i played stardew valley. yesterday i bought the game and honestly the soundtrack of that game is so so beautiful. i love the songs and its such a calm game. kind of therapeutic and way different than league. haha. its fun playing w him. its fun doing anything with him

i know that we are always going to be friends but i like him so much. i just really hope he will always be a part of my life cause i really feel happy being friends with him. i really really really really just appreciate him and feel thankful for him in my life