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2019-10-27 19:58:51 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Life is complicated. I love a girl who is married and I don't wanna let go of her. If I let go of my girl, then I'll die single. The fact is, I love someone who is married. I see her for how incredible she is inside and outside. I see how smart, beautiful, funny, sweet, kind, caring, loving, amazing, wonderful, and fun to be with. Today I normally see her, but another friend asked to hangout. I regret it. I don't have fun with this friend like I do with my girl. With my girl, I can cuddle and kiss her. With this friend, it's a lot of boundaries and she is very needy. I wish I saw my girl today. I know she probably had things she needed to do, but I still missed her. Anyway...time to go to bed....night all.