Experienced Life
2019-10-27 15:30:52 (UTC)

Sister is still not feeling well

She is not feeling ok. She has a diabetic gizmo attached to her and it's doing something funky and not reading right. So.... we aren't doing anything yet. What to do? Went to the food store, bought more wine, cheese, and bread.

Also, I turned my coffee-meets-bagel app again since I'm available now. I got a hit and we will have dinner when I get back from vaca. This time, she is in her 40s so we are ok there. lol She looks to be blond (not sure if natural), brown eyes, 5'6" but her pics seem to be out of date. She's varying in weight and I only see one full body pic. We'll try to hook up when we get back. So far, she seems lukewarm as far as initial attraction. Hope it gets better when I meet her. But knowing how my last person I was with, who knows how reliable they are. We shall see.

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