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2019-10-26 20:26:39 (UTC)

Landed in Vancouver

We left Victoria and we are now in Vancouver. Sister is too tired so we are staying in our Hotel.... On a Saturday night!!!!!!! The agony of it all. I mean come on Sis!!!!!!!!! We instead ordered Chinese food and what's worse is it's been delivered (rolling my dang eyes). We are in Vancouver!!! Why the heck are we stuck in this hotel room? When the food comes, I'll pay and we'll have dinner. Then she can pass out and I can check out this Irish pub nearby. At least that's the plan. so for now, it's boring pics of my view from my window :(. Sigh....

We were able to check out a Jetty in Victoria before we left. I needed some kind of exercise for all the fattening foods that we've been eating.

This is from my boring ass hotel room.

That's all I got for tonight. We waiting a long time for our ferry and it drained my Sister's energy. We're gonna kick back tonight.
I'm liking Canada. Everyone here has been nice to me :)

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