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2019-10-26 04:10:23 (UTC)

To My Wooseok.

Another candle on your cake, but it's so much more than that. Another year of amazing memories, inside jokes, uncontrollable laughter, and another year getting to call you Jinhyuk's.

I spent hours upon hours thinking about what in the world I could possibly do for you that would make this birthday amazing. Nothing was as sincere as me wishing you a happy day, not just today, but every day. It's simple, your happiness is my happiness.

You came around and changed everything. You forced me to grow up as an individual and learn to look at all the angles. I learned that I really did need someone around, not just anyone, I need you. You have taught me to open up more, me, a girl who never opened up to anyone. Someone who never cared to reveal his true feelings, ideas, and goals to anyone. You have changed me in such a deep emotional way that I can not even put into words how grateful I am to you for that. But the funny thing is, you weren't trying to do it. We were both so afraid in the beginning, terrified that one was going to hurt the other that we tried not to take anything too seriously, but we were too attracted to each other, too interested, too drawn, to let it all go. Our relationship is far from perfect. We're still learning and growing as individuals while getting over past mistakes. We're learning to trust each other, while continuing to build our relationship.

Today is the day we celebrate you. But what you may not know, and should, is that I celebrate you every day. I might not say it or show it, but I feel it.

Let us celebrate your birthday in the midst of love and joy, let us love each other with all our strength and never stop fighting for this beautiful relationship that has transformed us completely, becoming the cutest couple the world has seen. 

When you receive this nice letter I want your heart to race, I want you to feel that you love me more than ever and I want you to get ready because your birthday celebration will be a nice memory that you will remember forever. With all my love, I wish you a very happy birthday, princess.

Your number one fan,